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hello my name is toleen

I'm 15 years old , i love

basket  ball and food , i love people .

i go to manhal international

school , i love O.A :') 

Quotes by Toleenb

StoryyOf MylLife :(

Cinderella Didnt Need To 

Take Of Her Dress 

To Get Her Prince Charming 



You promised that you'd never leave me , where are you now ?

Most girls 
Chase Jerks,Get hurt 
And they complain about it 

Tell me lies 
make it sound good


 I guess it's time to let go :(

For every ♥ 
i'll give a confession

Confession #1 
i don't remember the last time i was happy , i cry myself asleep every night and it hurts .

This time wont you save me ? 

I would love it if a guy hugs me from behind
And whispers in my ears saying 'iloveyou :'( am i asking for 
too much ?