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Hello Stranger!

I'm Ashley and I'm an Irish girl (Woop for the ROI). Here's the top 10 facts about me :

1 - I'm a Harry Potter Freak

2 - I'm a beta user on Pottermore

3 - My favourite colours are Black and White

4 - I'm part Scottish 

5 - I love Doctor who , insult it and I'll sonic you

6 - I love Smallville (Woop for Superman)

7 - I love to read

8 - I love having sleepovers with maii friends

9 - I love LMFAO

10 - I cant think of another fact . . . :S

Quotes by TomFeltonLover

Enough is enough
I get that most of you are from America
and don't know what 'Doctor Who' is because
it's not as big there. But I would'nt  feel right
if I didn't make a quote dedicated to it. I've been watching 'Doctor Who' since I was 3 and
It's become a part of my life. So if there are 
any wittian's out there who like 'Doctor Who' 
go ahead and press that button with the '
on it :)

Day = Made


when steve said now swearing he meant no swearing

putting a 3 in the middle of the word does not 

count! :p
Him : Wanna makeout?
Her : No
Him : why not
Her : You're a stud
Him : so?
Her : Take away the 'u' and you'll get a STD


Fave if you like Harry Potter

Comment for Twilight

just a question

Format by Sandrasaurus



Its Christmas


why does time suddenly decide to go slow?

-nmf , no jocking-

That Annoying Moment #1
When your talking to someone
then another person comes along
and listens in on one sentence
and automaticly thinks they know the entire conversation
and interupts you.



Waiting For You
Is Like Waiting For Snow In A Dessert
You Keep Hoping
But Deep Down You Know
It Will Never Come


Looks like a person drowning.