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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
hey there :) i'm Tori from new york im an allstar cheerleader and i love every minute of it! oh and im on my highschools varsity team too :) my dream is and always will be to one day wear a worlds ring on my finger. my best friend Nikki she doesnt have a witty but its ok :) she lives in louisiana so were really far away and try as hard as we can to keep long diatnce and we see eachother about 1 or twice a year :) we have big plans together. my other friends i'd consider pretty close to would be Gabbi, Lainy, ashley, Krystin,Sam, Jamielynn, Chelsi, Connor, Vinny Billy, and Troy :) but anyway my daddy's gettin a divorce and its hrad for everyone but my ex step mom new man is pretty busted so i find it funny :) but whatever he's just fine moving on and so am i. my little brother Dominic is my world he makes me laugh and keeps my days filled with more happiness than any other guy i know! he may be only 5 years old but god is he funny. my momma got married to my step dad and he has two kids my older step brother AJ well he's doin ok he got pushed inot the corner of a table hard and ruptured his spleen on the 4th of july /: but he's ok :) i look up to him even though he doesnt seem very incourging to most people. Krystal is my older step sister and we dont consider eachother step sisters honestly i think were beyond that. we tell eachother pretty much everything and i know shes getting older so shes not gonna be around as much but hey i'm okay with that.My mommy is one of the most important people in my life she taught me how to be strong choose the right friends, never forget where i came from and how i was brought up. i love her a lot more than anyone of these silly about me boxes could ever explain :) my coaches Lee, Carla, Roni, Joe, Marc, Tony, and Zach have most definatley made an impact on my life and i cant thank them enough for helping me through everything that has happened this season between wanting to give up and breaking bones they put up with me. i cant wait for you guys to watch me grow as a person and a cheerleader:) in the end you will all be very special people i will never forget. so i think i've done enough about me lets go to Anthony, we broke up but who doesnt?  we've been on and off for two years currently were off by mutual descision. that okay though. he's taught me lessons in my life i'll never forget and these past two years have been crazy! 

theres this kid name Vinny. he's one of my bestfriends. i never would have thought this but im really starting to like him a lot. he treats me like a princess. he's all i've been looking for. love it might be to early for that but right now he makes me happy and i make him happy. 

i feel as if i've done enough ranting :)
but check out purplerox2010 one of my friends shes great so nice and so pretty you wont regret it!
oh and if you could please give thegirltoproveyouwrong a look at too she puts a lot of thought behind her quotes and wants to write a story but has no idea what to write about
alrighty tooodle-loo dolls

i feel as  
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i start a fight because i need to feel something, and you can go and do what you want cause im not wanted.

If it comes down to it and you have to choose between me and her, choose her. because if you really loved me there wouldnt be a choice.

I've learned theres always going to be that one thing you never give up on, that light that never goes out. thats where your heart really is.

If they don't want you now, they don't deserve you later.

Always remeber, whatever life gives you, even if it hurts, you have to be strong and act like your okay. Strong walls shake but never collapse

i told myself i would do it once. only out of Curiosity. it would never become a habbit or even close to an addiction. well here i 7 months later. i cant stop. ive created a monster within myself and it gets the best of me on nights like this.
i always picture what everyones life would be like when im gone. its scary to realize some of the people you cared the most about wouldnt think twice about bashing you even when your gone. its scary to think this is what its all coming too.
its a night where Demi Lovato is the only person who can speak to me

& you should know, please believe me, i've picked up the phone a thousand times and tried to dial your number, but its been so long. These things are never easy. its like trying to spin the world the other way. What can i say?

& i'm not sorry that its over, Just for the way we let it end.