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Quotes by ToriRox16

It matters not what someone is born,
but what they grow to be.
-Albus Dumbledore


There's nobody else in the world exactly like me.


And that makes me so proud to be me.


one of the best feelings in the world is making someone smile;
especially someone who hasn't smiled for a while.


tomorrow might be good for something.


today i was talking to my friend and i laughed so hard i spit milk out my mouth and nose
why, world?

hey guys, so my friend and i want to have an orange juice party this summer (long story), and we want some ideas for games to play.

any suggestions?

my favorite part of Twilight?

the ending credits.


Once someone told me that I laugh too much.

                          told me that I laugh too much.

                                       that I laugh too much.

                                                laugh too much.


Why did the mushroom have so many friends?

Because he was a fungi.


You lost your balance on a tightrope;
it's never too late to get it back.