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Quotes by Trina22

You just Broke my heart..
Into a trillion pieces! </3

I LOVE the way you

Whenever you need me
when ever you want me
you know you can call me I'll be their shortly!<33

He gave me a fairy tail ending!<3

My Feelings for you are Unexplainable

When you are hurting, when your Upset, When you wanna Cry, & when your Best Friend can't be there..
He's there <3 .. <3  (:

I love You For You!
Your Personality
Your Looks
Your Since of Humor
And Most Of All Your Heart! <3

Who are you when I'm not looking?

Black And Yellow
It's Black and Purple!! :)

If he wants me he will "show" it!
If he cares he will "show" it..

But if he is "In Love" he will prove it! <3