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Quotes by Trishaaa


Trying to find a way back home. 


I need a witty best friend,

Someone who will help me through the hard times.

hai guys, today's my birthdayy.

stare at my reflection in the mirror,

why am I doing this to myself?


Have you ever broken down sobbing after so long of being strong? Crumbled to the floor, hands by your face. Your face scrunches up and you let out that first gasp. You try to be quiet but eventually it becomes loud, heartwrenching sobs. You cry and cry, so much you can't breathe. You ask whoever's up there, "Why? Why me? Why this? Why can't i just be happy?" You say you want to end it all right there right then. You sob, trying to gasp breaths in between. Eventually you completely collase on the floor after. And then you just lay there. Numb. 



I am not "beautiful."  You  don't  see what I do when I  look in the mirror. You don't hear the voices  in  my  head  telling  me  that  I'm  fat.


suicide isn't cowardly.

wanna know what’s cowardly?


>>>>>That they’d want to end their life.<

to whom this may concern,
by the time someone reads this, i'll either be dead, hurt, or even more broken than i already am.
to mom and dad,
it really hurts when you call me fat and ugly. it really hurts. and i know you say you're doing the right thing. but when you tell me i'm a waste of food, and time, and  money, do you really mean that? because i think you do. i don't think you'll care. i bet you'll be happy that kayla will be an only child. i'm sorry for disappointing you. i'm sorry for not getting the good grades you really wanted me to get. i really am. i tried. and i thought you were gonna be happy when i came home with the highest math grade in the class, but you weren't. you wanted more, like you always do. so, i'm sorry. 

to my friends,
your sarcasm, no matter how sarcastic it is, it hurt me. it hurts to be called short. but i'm sorry i wasn't the best friend someone could have. i wish i was perfect too. i know i've gotten you all tangled in my messes, and i know i'm over dramatic, but i just needed someone. i hope you all can forgive me. i;m so sorry.

to my family,
i was trying to lose weight, but everytime you guys joke around about how fat i am, and how ugly i was as a baby, i couldn't do it. i wanted you guys satisfied, but i guess you'll be more satisfied once i'm gone. i'm sorry i didn't look like what you wanted me to look like, and didn't act the way you wanted me to act. 

to my teachers
thanks for teaching me all i needed to learn. i knew i wasn't the perfect student, and i'm sorry.

to my witty people,
i'm sorry. i can't do this anymore.

to all the other people out there,
be glad you don't know me.

I'm sorry.



my friend's older brother was sitting in class, and one of the nearby teachers told his teacher to turn on his TV. They watched both twin towers get hit and fall. And then they heard the Pentagon news. Megan Johnson was sent to the office. They didn't know why. But she did. Her dad worked at the pentagon and died that day. Please take a couple of seconds for those who died on 9/11.
have you felt like  locking yourself in your room and crying? crying because you aren't good enough? you'll never be the one he loves? the one nobody likes enough to care? have you ever felt scared? scared that no one really likes you? no one cares? no one understands? that everyone is stabbing you behind your back? have you ever felt like you aren't good enough?
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