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Quotes by Trishaaa

spread your wings
and fly.


Smile on your face
                even though your heart is frowning.                        

i never get jealous
when i see my ex with someone else.
my parents always told to me to give
my used toys to the less fortunate.

 AT&T M CELL 11:52 PM       99%
So is it me or her?
If you loved me you wouldn't have to make me choose.
If you loved me their wouldn't even be an option...
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heat makes things expand.
so i'm not fat,


i'm hot.

They only


when it was

                                                                                                   too late.



© trishaaa


You're 9.

 You aren't even supposed to know what the word depressed means.
Let alone, use it.


Your motto may be

But my motto is still


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The innocent little girls turned into hoes.
The sweet guys turned into players.
The smart kids turned into potheads.
And the ones who said they'd always be there for you suddenly weren’t.
Everything changes eventually.
And the ones who don't,

are the ones who didn't let bullsh/t go to their heads.

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