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simple is beauty. 

Quotes by TrustMeBabe

It's like  

you planned this out,

"I'm going to make her trust me, to only destory her."



I haven't been here in 6 months& I come back to see it like this.. wow. <3 




I remember that feeling I got,
when we first talked.


I wish the best for you, because I wasn't. 


The hardest part,

of dreaming about someone you love, 
is waking up to see that person is gone.



Stupid Boy, 

What I mean by "im done"
Is Chase me.  



Its horible, 

How they treat me at school..



can you find the gay one?




oh that's right, you can't. because

they're all the same. ♥




You know, 

Its not that fun being alone all the time..



Your more important,

than you realize.