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Hey I'm Hanna C;
I'm just the average sixteen year old. I'm weird, unsociable, lazy therefore you don't want to be my friend. However offers are welcome ;)
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I'm obsessed with conspiracy. I don't believe the news without researching it first. Don't trust the media O:-) I'm a reader and writer t(*_*)/ that doesn't mean I'm good!
Hit me up with a message, I swear I can be nice :3

Quotes by Hanny*

I love Santa or I love Satan

Spelling means everything.
It feels like I'm falling in love when I'm falling to the bathroom floor
She'll paint patterns on her wrists with a blade shaped paintbrush

The book of incantations was useless

the writer failed to have a



A belt made from paper

would be a

waist of space

This love is out of control,

3. 2. 1.

Ready to go...

there's a star in the palm of my hand
and I think it's yours.

if you don't want it,
then I'll understand.
you deserve much more.

when I brought it,
down from the sky, you almost forgot it.
it was new back when you gave a damn.
what you need I'll go and get it.

but if I don't come back
girl your love was worth it
that's the one thing I know
and if I don't make it back
girl remember that
that I said I'd go,

for you...



Being a couch potato is dangerous...

Someone may get hungry and eat you.


 A bald spot is like a lie, the bigger it gets the harder it is to cover it up...

Smile today, tomorrow could be worse