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So school starts on Monday :) excited to see who's in my class!
Some stuff I do is graphic
design on the computer,
video production, and well
like anything to do with the computer :P
Amelia (my friend) told me about witty, and I'm glad she did! I may not make quotes everyday but I enjoy looking at others c:

                 What I hate 
- People chewing with their mouths open 
- Being bored
- Cleaning my room
- Not being at least 80% right
Hi I'm Blakely =) I'm 15 years old and well, I'm in a gifted class in Florida. I have a pretty messed up love life but, oh well. 
    Last month my great-grandfather passed away at 72 years old. The last words he ever said to me were: I can't wait to be with her again.. I miss her. He said that because 10 years ago his wife, went to go and get groceries. When she was crossing the road a truck was just about to drive down that road, the driver, of course, wasn't paying attention and hit a pile of black ice. The truck went spinning and hit her. And I think you know what comes next. Anyway.. most of my family has passed away so really it's only me, my mom, and my brother. 
    A few years ago me and my mom and brother went to Wal-Mart to get patties because we were having a cook out the next night. When we returned home, someone had broken in and stolen basically everything we had, and had shot my dad, my sister, and my older brother. I don't talk about it much, but I suppose I need to to be able to get over it.
Maroon 5 forever omg xoxox and Leona Lewis c:

Quotes by TrySomeSushi

                           Hey Guys! ☺
                  about 96% of you, or more, don't know me, but
                                                       to those that do:
                                             AND I JUST GOT A NEW ONE! ''
                              I wasn't really expecting one until Christmas, since
                  I was begging for days, weeks, forever really. But low and behold,
                         my grandma goes out and buys me one ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

                                             You know that feeling when your stomach drops,
                                          and you just don't want to be on this earth anymore?
                                                I have that feeling, I don't want to live anymore,
                                I was lied to, and used. I told everything to someone who used to be
                              my bestfriend, but was a fake. And will probably never contact me again.
                                                                       I hate the world. 
                                                                         I want to die.
Yahoo Answers: My 38 yr old daughter keeps on bending down in front of me.This allows me a chance to see her breasts.Should I reach out and touch them?She is vry attractive, and I have to admit I'm very tempted.

Me: lol wodf
                         If raindrops were kisses,
                                 I'd send you showers
                                                   If hugs were seas, 
                                      I'd send you oceans
                                  and if love was a person..
                                             I'd send you

                          Yelling 'Shut up no one likes you!'  When you'r

                    Approximately 80% of my Regrets
                                                        involve hitting send

                     That moment when you throw 
                                        something at your friend
                                                                   but it hits someone else

he first time you visit someones
                                           >> house and you're the nicest person in the world <<
                                She's my BESTFRIEND
                                                of course I'm going to tell her everything you just said                     

                >> There once was a boy 

                              {who wanted to be really smart}
                                                          | So that night he wished upon a shooting star |
The next morning he woke up as a girl