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Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?


"I told her I would try and win for her.."

"And try you will."


Welcome, Welcome, Welcome.
This page is home of the First Annual Hunger Games.
The Tributes:

~District 1~

  OMGIMATACO:Mareyna Simon

Age; 16

brown, curly hair with brown eyes.

Strong: Inteligent, fast/strong arms. artisic

Weak: trust issues, ungraceful, acts without thinking




orangish hairs, green eyes

Strong: running, strong, aim

Weak: Heights, feeling sorry for others, heat


~District 2~


Age; 13

long blonde hair, blue/grey eyes, five foot four

Strong: fast runner, street smart, survival

Weak:empathetic, acts, THEN thinks, lack of patience 



Age; 12

Strong: Knife throwing, camo, hiding

Weak: climbing trees, archery


~District 3~

katiebug1115:Katie A.


blondish-brown hair, blue eyes, 5 foot


beedabrave2341: Bryanna 


brunette, brown eyes

Strong: hiding, running, quite when needed

Weak: seeing deaths, emotinal, gets scared easy


~District 4~

itslocked101: Rachel L.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Hurdling, archery, music

Weak: guns, hiding, being quiet




strawberry blonde, green eyes

Strong: Fast, Very small, archery

Weak: Clumsy, not muscualr, freaked out easily


~District 5~

BieberKate135: Katie B.


medium blonde hair, 5’3”, brown eyes

Strong: making things


emilypeot25: Emily L.


short, blue/green eyes, dark brown hair

Strong: archery, writing, and singing

Weak” Running. math, swimming


~District 6~

Stiff_Smile: Yue


brown hair & eyes

Strong: Intelligent, not a klutz, hiding

Weak:running, strength, hand to hand combat


LoveTaylorRose: Taylor


black hair, colour changing eyes, 5 foot, 1 inch, petite

Strong:survival, witty, works good in tough situation& archery

Weak:short, takes advantage, empathy


~District 7~

Pretty_Is_A_Ugly_Word: Alexa


brown hair with sidebanfs, 5’9” brown. green eyes

Strong: hiding, searching for food, weapons

Weak:running, hand to hand combat, being camera “ready”


lynskywalker: Kaylynn

Age; 12

dirty blonde hair with brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong: hiding,smart, fightings with weapons

Weak:running, climbing, caring


~District 8~



5’4” brown eyes and hair

Strong: smart, hiding, running

Weak: not good with weapons, loud, not good at being aware 


MusicFreak24: Nikki


brown hair with highlights, brown eyes, 5’2”

Strong:Archery, hiding, making things

Weak:running, climbing, fighting


~District 9~

ilovedimitribelikov: Erin Bauer


medium red hair, blue eyes, 5’9”

Strong: loves wilderness, strong, VERY smart

Weak:not fast, not good fighter, never used weapon




dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, 5’7”

Strong: clever, good hand-eye cordination, stamina 

Weak:distracted easily, un-caring, loud


~District 10~

texan_sweetheart:Emily K.


brown hair, green eyes, 5’2”

Strong: Archery, camo, common sense

Weak:confronting people, weapons, tends to panic


hi216: Coco

light brown hair, brown eyes

Strong: running, archery. making things

Weak: empathy, climbing, freaks out easily


~District 11~


Age; 17

brown hair, blue eyes,pale skin

Strong:strong, fast, smart

Weak: low confidence, too kind, tired easily


Farnsworthy: Sarah R.


5’3” medium brown hair

Strong: outdoorsy, can shhot bow, hiking

Weak:Rnning, bad ankles and knees





dark blonde hair, green eyes, 5’4”

Strong: Fast runner, clever, good aim

Weak:scared easily, loud, thinks too much


iloveoneed: Rachel D.


long, blonde hair, blue eyes, 5’3”

Strong: climbing, hiding, making things

Weak: running, using certain weapons, empathy 

May the odds be ever in your favor.
I'm Maddy and I love the Hunger Games. I'm an Victor from District 6.

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Yep, I'm a Victor from the oh so lovely District 6*

*Currently writing, Clove; Girl With The Knives*
It is about Clove, from District 2, and her journey through The Hunger Games :)
*Working on later. THG are going on*

The Fallen:

beedabrave2341, District 3

LittleRavingSquirrel, District 9

texan_sweetheart, District 10

GlamMania, District 2

emilypoet25, District 5

ordinarygirl, District 8

Quotes by TuckersGirl

Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 6
      “What are you two doing! No, no, no no!” she yells at us. Cato and I exchange confused glances. “What do you mean, Ms. Joel?” I ask. “I mean you two sleeping together! For Lord’s sake, thats just, ugh!” she says and rushes away. Cato and I laugh at each other. I glance out the window to see the Capitol. “Oh Cato, it’s lovely!” I breathe out. “Mmhmm. Those are the people who are thirsty for our blood Clove..my blood, yours. They just want their precious little Victor. And it’s going to be be you Clove.” He says, a serious tone flooding his voice. “N-no! Cato, you win..win for me?” I ask, hopelessly. We both sigh and make out way off the train. Reporters bombard us with questions. “So, Cato. How do you feel about the Games this year? You’re a big man, confident you can win?” Cato gives me a pained look, then looks the reporter in the eyes, “No sir, Clove here is going to win. For me.” With that, we duck into the training center
to meet our stylists.

“Oh, Clove!” shriek the airheads, who are my prep team. Delia, Carra and Robbi surround me, massaging goo into my hair, over my body and plucking hairs from me. It takes three hours to get me pretty enough to meet my stylist, Layla. She strides in, her bright pink hair in an ugly bob cut. “So, Clove. How are you, love?” she asks, not really caring. “I’m fine. You know, preparing to fight to the death with 23 other pathetic tributes, whom I plan on slaughtering.” this takes her by surprise, and she gives me a nod of disapproval. “Temper, temper.” she mutters to herself. Good, I want a damn temper. She interrupts my thoughts by saying, “Clove, we’re going to be putting you in a tight fitting black body suit inlaid with small rock and a crown of knives and rockpicks. How does that sound. I look at her in disbelief.
Knives? I smile evilly.
“Sounds wonderful Layla.” 

~I'm busy with The Witty Hunger Games!:) Ohh, Clove is kinda a little b//tch isn't she?? Anyways, yeah thats not what she wears in the movie, but I like this better than that gold suit thing..Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be swearing. Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy

Those times in life we learn to try, with one intention Of learning how and when we'll die, but we cant listen I wish to god I'd known that I, I didn't stand a chance Of looking back and knowing why, or pain of circumstance You're not alone
We'll brave this storm So here's my song I wrote in time, when it was needed
Through pain of heart or loss of mind, your burdens lifted You aren't alone just know that I, cant save our hearts tonight
You're not alone
We'll brave this storm

And face today You're not alone
You're not alone
We'll brave this storm And face today
You're not alone


The fire rages in me
Daylight fights through the night with the cries of redemption
The sun ignites the light in our eyes


Clove; Girl With  the Knives

Chapter 5
      “Clove..wh-what was that?” he stutters. I look down, and play with my hair. “I don’t know Cato. It just felt right..” I mutter. Cato reaches for my hans. He grabs it, and pulls me close. “Clove, I want you to win this. For me, for your family. Please Clove, you have to win this.” he says into my hair. “Cato, you’re at least two times my size, and have so much strength! I’m just a flimsy little girl.” I say, careful to not expose my knife throwing skills. Cato pushes me back and stared into my eyes. "Clove Rainwell. You’re tough, gorgeous and will surely have a lot of sponsors. But look at me. Huge and bland. Bet I won’t get any sponsors.” He says. “Cato, you will too!” I protest, but he ignores me. “C’mon Clove, let’s see if we can sneak a short nap in before we reach the Capitol.” He says, wrapping his large arms around my slight frame. We drift into seep, but I’m confronted by a nightmare.
“What are you gonna do now, 12? Wait, nothing! Because I’m going to kill you. How about a slow, and especially painful death? Let’s see, what can we do? Hmm...how about one limb at a time? That sounds..nice, doesn’t it Twelve?” I purr on, slowly taking the 12 girl apart, but all the happiness ends there. I'm ripped of 12 by a huge force. I look to see Cato grinning at me. “So Clove, you thought I’d let you kill this girl? Haha, and you thought I loved you too! How pathetic. Clove, Clove, Clove. When you gonna learn, sweetie? How ‘bout now?” He says, and slams me into the ground, breaking every bone in my body, and my cannon fires.
“NOOO!” I awake screaming. Cato wakes up next to me. “Clove whats wrong?” he asks. “Traitor..” I stammer, then Sihbon opens the door with a shriek.. 

~hey guys. you like it?is it too short?Sorry I haven't posted in so long, I'm busy with The Witty Hunger Games!:)Disclaimer: I do not own The Hunger Games, but I will be using quotes from it :)! There will be swearing. Comment for notifiation XoXo~Maddy


a love sick melody 

take me


How can I decide

whats right?

when you're clouding up my mind

Me in the future...

     Come on to your archery lesson!

My daughter: But mom, I don't want to learn archery!





Task 3~
Hello remaining Tributes. 
I was very busy from the 3rd to today.
Another3 tributes have died in Capitol custody!
(I even gave you a longer time to do this task, shame on the dead tributes.)

the fallen:




you need to find sponsors.

The two Tributes with the most sponsors will get

advantages during the Games.

To get sponsors, go to other witty users, explain to them

what is going on, ask them to sponsor you, and if they

have any a questions, to contact me.

You have a week and a half (till the 18th) to do this task.

 It is a long time, but some of you are going on

vacation, and sponsors are hard to find.

Well, good luck Tributes, and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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Motionless in White: All I want is someone to say something that could change their life forever, to let them know they're not alone.
Society: Devil worshipers 
Black Veil Brides: Rise up and celebrate your life.

Society: Goth freaks
Asking Alexandria: How stubborn are those scars when they won't fade away? Or just a gentle reminder that now are better days?
Society: What a bunch of screaming emos who cut themselves
Sleeping With Sirens: But I don't think words can express your beauty, it's singing to me.
Society: Emo f.aggots 
Rihanna: Sticks and stones may break my bones, but chains and whips excite me.
Society: No thats real music!