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im angela. 13 years old. best friends ariana bekah micaela mady and alyssa. i could write so much here, but im tired. im a softball player, super skinny(and hate it), total pig, and am in love with kaelin.
love hurts. bad.

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Quotes by Turtles7chick


so youre with HER again? 

you know...thats really great to hear.

you know, considering youre all i talk and think about.

oh but thats ok. go ahead and let her control your freaking life.

fine by me.

Dear Bruno Mars,
Thanks so much for teching kids to be lazy. Can't you sing an excersize song?

Michelle Obama

i just realized, ,
ive never kissed in a dream.

when youre in class,
and get a wicked boob itch.

Why Dont You Look Past Her,
boobs, and look into her heart.

and only ariel, 

can swim from the bottom to the ocean, to the surface, in one breath.


so we went,
bra shopping, because now,
i am no longer a 32 A.
im a 34 A.


Secret       Life      Of      The ,  

American Teenager(:


Oh, Friends.
Micaela; can i tell you something?

me; sure.
Micaela; in the back of my head im always thinking that there are still monsters underneath my bed.

she's 13 and was being completely serious.
My*nmfhj n

pickin the hottest,
person on each page of the yearbook.