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im angela. 13 years old. best friends ariana bekah micaela mady and alyssa. i could write so much here, but im tired. im a softball player, super skinny(and hate it), total pig, and am in love with kaelin.
love hurts. bad.

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Turtles7chick's Favorite Quotes

first you twist it , then you .. oh it broke. :/
Not Mine(:



"What do you want to do?"

 "I don't really care." 

"Do you want to watch TV?"


Okay, clearly you do care.


Ive never seen a
pregnent Chinese lady.
Fav if you havent either.

Anybody else notice 
That in Good Luck Charlie all of them have blonde hair except for Gabe? ♥

You know that feeling when you open a

bag of chips

and it's only 35% full?

Yeah, that's how guys feel when they take off those

Bombshell bras.



If a camera lens is a circle, 
then why 
are pictures square? 

you broke something of mine ; now i'm going to break something of yours ;)

This quote does not exist.
This quote does not exist.