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Cookie Cutter Love
 Chapter 5

  Evie was waiting on her last table , when she felt a tap on my shoulder. As she was spun around, she realized it was Byran.
" Oh my god!" she exclaimed, squeezing the air out of him. " I thought you had another week?"
He shook his head, with a smirk. " Nah, the big cahoona let me off early." he chuckles, squeezing her bag just as hard.
The couple sitting at the table felt a bit awkward, but kknew better than to say anything.
Byran was in jeans & an old tshirt, which meant he had already been home.
" Did my brother see you?" she asks, cautiously.
" No, I htink he was at work. But I'm gonna ave to fae him sometime Evie. We live in the same house." he sighs, pushing his fingers inbeween hers.
 'Ours - Taylor Swift' began playing lowly through the small diner , & they both smiled at eachother.
" Our song.." Evie laughs." Come on, lets blow this pocicle stand!" she chuckles, leading him out of the place. As soon as the front doors of the restaraubt closed, Evie turned & crushed her lips with his.
"  I have missed that so much." she whispers as she pulled away.
They began walking down to the pier, the place were their relationship began.

( Sorry, short. & im so sorry I havnt written in awhile. I lost my grandfather to lung cancer & I've been in a depression lately. Will write more later.)
Cookie Cutter Love
                          Chapter 4

Evie turned to Byran in the middle of the airport, his uniform on , his bags packed & ready.
" I'm going to miss you." She whispers against his chest , as he pulls her into a tight hug.
" I'm going to miss you too." he replys, squeezing her as tight as he could, making Evie unable to breath. But she didn't mind. she squeezed him back just as hard.
" Passengers of flight 16 , to Texas, 1 minute untl take off."
Evie lifted her face from his warm body , smiling at him, as she felt a piece of paper slide into her hand.
" Your first letter." Byran smiles back at her. " I have to go now.." He whispers, glancing at the door. Evie nodded, & dropped her arms to her side.
" Be safe Byran." she says to him as she watched him walk through the hall. The last time she would see him, for a very long time. She would miss his eyes, his smile, his arms, his warmth, his laugh, the way he walked, & everything about him. She had feelings for Byran & she was already regretting that she hadn't shared them with him.
Evie looked down at the letter in her hands & unfolded it.

Dear Evie,
Im most likely lifting off to Texas by now. & I want you to know , that I will miss you dearly. Your hair, eyes, your sense of humor. The way you look at life. It makes me believe not all of the world is full of war & violence.& I love that you have opened my eyes to the good.
I also wanted you to know how much I appreciate your patience & kindness towards me. You took me into your home , kept me fed & healthy. Thank you, so much. I will never be able to show how greatful I am for your generosity.
The night we sat under the stars, on your roof, will be stuck in my mind forever. It was the best night of my life, just laying there with you in my arms. That was also the first night we kissed.
I will hold onto that memory , until I see you again Evie. I promise you I will come home . Be good, don't miss me to much, & please write back.

Byran Temp.

Evie held the letter to her heart, as she starred out the window, to catch his plane take off into the sky.
She slowly turned & began making her way out of the airport. She began thinking about the night they spent on the roof, just soaking in eachothers happiness & peace. She could feel the emptiness fill her heart, as she realized he had really truely left. The weke had gone by so fast, she swore she had somehow dreamt it all & woke up a week later.

When Evie got home, her brother was in the kitchen, making breakfast for himself.
" He left?" Mark asked, flipping his egg in the frying pn.
" Yea.." Evie whispered.
" Good. I was starting to think he was into you." Mark scoffed.
" Why would that be bad?" Evie asked, walking into the kitchen.
" Evie, you're only 16. He is 19. Don't you think hes to old for you?" Evie stayed quiet for awhile.
" What if I did like him? & he liked me?" Evie asked after the few moments of silence.
" I hope your kidding.." he sighs, & turns to Evie after placing his egg on the plate, which already had toast & bacon , placed around. " Evie, hes a man in the army. That is to much pressure,matturity, sadness, & heartbreak for a girl your age to handle yet. You're not an adult." he got ketchup form the fridge & squeezed some next to his eggs.
" How do you know I can't handle it?"
" Evie , why do you keep pestering me , like this actually could be true?"
" Because it is." she huffs, walking out of the room.
" You are a fool!" her brother yells.
Evie grabbed her car keys & stomped out of the door. She wasn't going to take this crap.
Cookie Cutter Love
                 Chapter 3

Byran held the door for Evie as she led him into her home.
" Thank you." she politly smiles at him, walking through.
" Always gotta be a gentleman." he flashes her his best smile. Byran followed behind the Evie into the house, & over to the living room, where Evie's brother had dissapeared from.
" My brother is probably at a class for college." she explains, taking her UGGs off. Byran nodded.
" What's he go to college for?"
Evie hesitated for a moment. " FBI type stuff." she shrugs, not knowing what devision.
" That's cool." Byran nodds, aiting for permission to sit.
Evie turned to him & blushed a little at her error of manners. " Sorry. You'd think a simple southern girl would know her manners." she chuckles. " Please have a seat. Would you like a drink or something?" she asked, rummaging through her fridge for some lemonade.
" Sure, that'd be great." Byran nods, sitting himself on the far left side of the couch.
Evie got them both a glass of lemonade & then sat them on the coffee table.
" How long are you here for?" Evie asks, oout of curiousity.
" Not long. Only a week." Byran shrugs. " Look, Evie, I know you probably have a oyfriend & all, but I have no one to write too. Do you think I could send you letters?" He asks. " It would be nice to get a touch of the outsde world while I'm at camp. It would mean a lot to me."
Evie smiles.
" Of course !" She sips her lemonade. " 'Sounds like a good idea to me."

( short, im sorry. heading out to dinner. another chapter tonight, I promise.)

Cookie Cutter Love
           Chapter 2

Once Evie reached the end of the pier, she took a seat & began swinging her legs over the edge, looking out over the bay. She turned her head & looked up at Byran, patting the space next to her.
Byran sat quietly next to the mesmerizing girl.
" So Byran, tell me about yourself." she kept her eyes out in the water, trying to stay calm & collected.
" Ugh..Well.. what stuff about me?" he asks, not sure where to start.
" Well, how about your intrests & stuff. I don't know." she shrugs, still looking out.
" I like cookies." he chuckles. " & the color blue." Evie raised an eyebrow.
" Interesting." she giggles.
" My lucky number is 22, & uh, Football is my favorite sport."
Evie smiles to herself.
" Now I have to hear four things about you." he smiles at Evie, noticing she wasn't looking at him. Was she okay?
" I like cookies as well," she laughs, slightly turning her head enough to catch his eyes studying her evry ove. She blushed & quickly turned her head." But. my favorite color is green, & my lucky number is 15." she sticks her tongue out at him , childishly. " & Lacrosse is my favorite sport."
Evie faced him again. Looking down at his uniform. Byran caught sight of two scars on her face. What were they from? He wasn't going to ask, that would be rude & make her feel insecure. He couldn't do that to someone who was being so kind.
" When do you leave?" she asks him.
" I actually just got home." Byran answers, turning his beautfiul eyes to the water.
" Shouldn't you be with your family?" She asks, taking her chance to look him all over, as he wasn't looking.
" I doubt they want to see me." he says in a whsiper, so low Evie almost couldn't hear.
" Well, soldier, I thank you for serving our country." she brightly smiles at him. That got him to look back at her. He gave her a smile he hadn't felt in a while. When he talked to Evie, he felt.. better. Not so alone.

They sat in silence for a few moments , until Evie grew annoyed. She hated quiet.
" Do you have a place to stay?" she turns her whole body towards him , folding her legs into a pretzel shape.
Byran slowly shook his head, confirming a ' No'.
" Then you can stay with me. I'm sure my brother wouldn't mind helpng a service man." she stands, whiping anything any dirt off of her butt.
Byran also stood & followed Evie back to the restaraunt to get her car.
" You really don't have to be so nice." Byran tells her, as they climbed in the car.
" Yes I do." she says simply. buckling her seatbelt.
& then they were off...

( Just introducing characters , backgrounds, & the plot. (: Let me know what you think! )
Cookie Cutter Love
          Chapter 1 -Intro-

Evie groaned as her alarmclock pestered her to awake.
" Just 5 more minutes!" she begged, slapping her hand on the snooze, & letting it fall carlessly over the edge of her bed. She had work this morning, which made her saturday start off terrible. She hated work. Fake smiles, Tiny whining children, hot plates that burned her skin & fingers. Sweat & the stench of burgers & fries lingering on her clothes all day, no matter how much perfume she put on, or how may times she showered.
Once her alarm clock began to blare again, she begrudgingly sat up, turning the alarm off. As her eyes finally opened, she flung her head to look at the time. 7:15 AM. Evie groaned again. Was it necessary for her boss to give her all the early shifts on weekends? She could bet a billion dollars every person she knew, in her highschool, was still peacefully sleeping.
Evie swung her legs over the side of the bed, & somehow got herself to stand. She sluggsihly walked over to her closet, pulling out her work clothes. A white collered shirt, with ' Frank's' on the breast in an odd blue writing. Then , since it was April, she pulled out a pair of thick, black leggings. Sh elayed the clothes on her bed & then went to shower.
Once finished, she took a moment to look at herself in the mirror. She ran her fingers over the white scar under her eye 7 the one directly in the center of her cheek. She sighed, & began brushing her long, light brown hair. As she starred back at herself in the mirror, she kept moving her chocolate brown eyes to the scars. There were plenty more all over her body, but they were a bit bigger, & Evie preferred to just see the ones on her face, whicih made her believe for a single second, maybe things werent as bad as they had been. That maybe her Mother wasn't as violent as she was. That it was just a bad , long dream.

Evie dryed her wavy hair & then got dressed, not bothering with makeup. She was to tired & there was no one to impress that would be up this early anyway.
When she got downstairs, her older brother, Mark , as passed out on the couch.
" As usual.." she whispers to herself, grabbing her car keys & purse, throwing on gray UGGs ,& then walking out the door. Her brother went to a local college, only a town away, & he let Evie stay wth him after their Mother was placed in jail.
When she got to work, the parking lot was practicly empty.
" Oh goodie.." she sighs, waltzing in through the employee entrance. She clocked in, as she waved hello to Gretta, the cook.
" Hey sweetpea!" the woman smiles at Evie, showing her the only 2 teeth she had left in that 75 year old mouth she had.
" Hey Gretta." Evie smiles at her, grabbing a rag to whipe down the tables.

Later in the day, Evie was busy with the lunch rush.
" Hi , I'm Evie." she smiles down at a man in Army Uniform. His seafoam green eyes made her loose a breath , as he looked up at her, & for a moment, it seemed he couldn't speak.
"... I'll be your server today. Can I start you off with a drink?" as she smiled at the handsome, muscular , & dark haired man, she realized the smile she was giving, wa snot .. fake. Like every other smile she had given today. Especially to the couple with the twin boys who decided to color on the seats with their crayons.
" Can I have just water please?" the man asks, his husky voice startled Evie, bringing her back down to Earth.
" Sure thing." she smiles at him, & goes to get his water. She ammediatly brought it over to him, & smiled at him.
" I will give you some time to decide what you want." she says , as he thanks her for his water.
" Actually. I'm not hungry.." he whispers , putting the menu down. Evie raised an eyebrow at him.
" Then why-.." she didn't want to be rude, so she didn't finish her sentence.
" I just want someone to talk to." he looked up at her, his eyes sparkling & pleading for her to offer.
" Well, I'm off in about 25 minutes, if you want , I can talk with you." she smiles at him.

" Where are we going?" the soldier asks her, following her down the road.
" You will see." Evie smiles. " By the way, I never caught your name."
" Its Byran." he tells. " Byran Matthews."

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Will To Choose
Chapter 3 ;Back me up
Part 1

 I ate my breakfast peacefully, chomping away at the crunchy corn flakes.
 " Have you talked to him?" Beaa asked me. I shook my head. She meant Scott, who had mysteriously dissapeared only a few days ago. No one knows why, but I could guess. He told me the night before he was running, & made me promise not to tell a soul. He said he wanted to try to find a place hidden out from everything, including humans too. He said he would track me down when everything was okay.
 " Probably went out looking for another group of people to start new, & then when he finishes off with those girls, he'll move off again." I said , with a distate in my mouth. No one knew about Scott, & I, & so I had to keep up my horrible aura about him.
 "Well I can tell you, no one is gonna miss him." She snorted, taking a last bite of her biscuit.
 Joana just shook her head. " I know only one person who will miss him." She looked over at Rosie, continueing to shake her head. Rosia was sitting with two boys. One was Taylor, the tall kid, with blonde hair that flowed down to his chin, & covered his round, pale green eyes. & Then also sitting there was Cameron, the kid who looked like he belonged on a Surf magazine. Now that Scott was gone, Rosie needed new man candy to entertain.

" Well that's more than obvious, she practicly threw herself on him  at the dance!" Beaa replyed to Joana. I didn't say a word, because I was thinking about the last night I had seen Scott, before he went off.
 I rested my head on his chest, as we layed at our spot, looking up at the stars. We had guns practicly surrounding us , incase a Hunter came by.
 " Im gonna leave Erica," he sighed. " I'm gonna find a nice abandoned house, & Im gonna make sure it's not infested with Hunters or anything, & scan the area. & then I will come back for you, & we can just stay there." He told me. I looked up at him.
 " Scott that's crazy! They could come & search that place, & find us any time of night! We need to stay with the group." I sat up.
 " I gotta do it Erica, I can't live this way anymore, I want it all to go back to the way it was." he sat up too.
 " But things can't go back to the way they were if we don't get rid of them! We need you, you're one of the best shooters we have!" I made sure to lower my voice, not to draw any Hunters in the direction.
 " Please Erica, just let me do this." he told her. He then picked up the bag he had set down near the tree full of food & clothes , I thought he had brought for a picnic, & headed off.  He turned to face me.
 " I love you Erica, if I don't make it back, you gotta remember that." I  nodded.
 " Love you too." I answered, & then hugged him. I started walking back to the camp, but then ran back to him, & kissed him on the cheek. I turned back around again, & then officially started walking back.
 " Hello?!?" Joana snapped her fingers infront of my eyes.
 " What? Huh?" I sat up straighter.
 "We were saying how Rosie really needs to brush her hair, like I get it, major world crisis, but come on, it's not like we don't have brushes here." I just looked down at my empty cereal bowl. I looked over at Rosie. Her hair was a mess. I shrugged that off. Joana, & Beaa were always peddy, no matter the circumstances.
 " Guys, come on, give her some slack." I said, shoving my chair against the table, & putting my bowl in the big bin full.
 My father stepped up onto a table, & shouted across the tent.
 "Everyone listen up! The kernel is sick, so Im in charge. Now, we move today, it's a longer trip than we are used too. 3 whole days. " he told everyone. A little buzz of chatter went around the room.  " Now, if you will listen for everyone's stations!" he said. I was to be walking in the middle, on the outsides of the unarmed people, guarding them. Everyone else on my side was Robby, Cameron, & Lily. As everyone rushed form breakfast, they began packing up they're stuff. I did the same. As everyone gathered to get on the move, we all got in our positions. " Ready." Cameron called up to me. " Ready." I called up to Robby, who then called up the same to Lily, who called that to my father. He nodded, then we were off.
  We walked for miles, & miles before we stopped for dinner, ( yes we skipped lunch.) . We got in a few miles before sundown began .
  " What's for dinner?' I asked Beaa as we waited in line with our bowls.
 " Chicken Noodle soup." she told me. As the woman handed me my spoon a shriek was heard from a guard outside, scanning the outskirts of the camp grounds. I ran out, thankful I still had my gun on me. It was Lily, & she was pinned on the ground by one of the Hunters. I gasped.