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Hi, anyone who actually looks at this.  Obviously, I love the Twilight series but hate the bandwaggoners.  So annoying...
My quotes are probably about a) my life, b) my thoughts/feelings, or c) just good quotes I found.

Quotes by TwilitVampire

When a guy is in the "friend zone" with a girl, it means forever.
But there's no friend zone with guys.  There's always a chance-keep the hope alive.

-My uncle Joe :)

The hardest thing?
Not knowing whether he'll miss talking to me as much as I'll miss talking to him.

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He's a year older than she is.  He's going to college next year. Secretly, she hopes that in the next week he'll realize what he'll be missing when he leaves. And that he should've taken advantage of the opportunity that he missed.

"You can't miss what you've never had."
Bullshit.  I do, every single day.  And nobody knows it.

She  thought  she  was  over  him...
Then  he  walked  her  home  one  day  and  all  she  could  say  was,

"Damn,  here  we  go  again."

Boys are a little like dogs...

Big, hairy, and always begging for something. :)

He doesn't know it yet,
but she's marrying
that boy.

I want it bad.  So bad, it hurts sometimes.
And yet, you have no idea. No damned idea.

{{Ever y  g i r should  have  her  hand  kissed  at   least  o n c e.}}

Stupid is as stupid does.
Some people just do it better than others, that's all :)