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I want
someone to hit on me, face to face, no sugar coats.
If you think I’m cute say, “Hi!” .
If you want my number, ask me.
Don’t ask my friend for my number.
It just makes you less attractive.
I want to have at least one person come up to me
and call me cute and then ask for my number.
I just want that..


 Why do you write
about love all the time?

 I don’t know.
There’s a thousand ways to fall in love,
a thousand more unrequited,
a thousand more that people overlook,
and a thousand missed chances to kiss in the rain.
I’ve only experienced a couple,
an insignificant amount that barely comes close
to what I could experience.
Writing about it,
it let’s me taste four thousand ways to fall in love...


Feelings for

when poured out is one of the hardest things to do.
It’s actually kind of scary.
You don’t know how they feel or how they’ll react
when you tell them how you feel towards them.
You don’t want to look like a fool if feelings aren’t mutual
and potentially make your friendship awkward.
That’s the hardest thing about pouring out
your feelings towards somebody.
It takes major guts to do so if you’re unsure
how the other person feels especially if hints aren’t dropped.
But the best feeling is when you can still keep
the friendship relationship work
and not awkward regardless the outcome.
You just have to ask yourself if it’s worth the risk.

That’s up to you.

The harder you look,
the harder it is to find someone.

Yeah it gets lonely being single,
but maybe it’s for the best at the moment.
Just because you haven’t found someone yet,
it doesn’t mean it’s going to be that way forever.
Love is unexpected,
you never know who might be
your next boyfriend or girlfriend.
So don’t look for love,
let love find you.


is the word that starts everything.
No one knows what could happen from a simple hi.
It could be a start to a new friendship or relationship,
but every hi ends with a bye.
I don’t like spending half of my life knowing
just as fast as I say hi to someone, they say goodbye.
Sometimes it was a mistake to say hi or a small regret.
Feelings aside I never knew from that simple hi,
something special could come out of it.
Just for saying hi, it can change my life so damn much
just saying a simple hi to someone new.

is it that when you like someone
who will never like you back,
you still don’t lose hope on them?
That there’s this hope inside that makes you
hold on a little longer on that person.
Why is it that when you know that
the only relationship you can establish with them
is friendship,
there’s still a voice inside you that whispers,
“Keep trying”?


 Taking a shower  
So no one can see that you were crying..


I want one person 
who won’t leave me for someone else .
Someone better .
I hate feeling worthless.
It’s the worst feeling ever .
Why can’t I find one person who won’t leave me,
one person who won’t hurt me,
one person who will love me for me?
I guess that’s just asking for too much ...



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