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Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 11
Elizabeth's P.O.V.

Me and Mike were totally making out in the toilets and Chrissy never knew!
When we were allowed in the toilets again, Mike pulled me closer.
"Elizabeth," he whispered. "There's bad news."
Mike explained to me about Kaylie finding out about us, together.
"She might tell Chrissy!" he ended.
"That Kaylie b/tch," I muttered.
"What?" asked Mike confused.
"Nevermind," I said, pulling him in closer for a long smooch.
The toilet door swung open, and we were still kissing.
"Cut it out," I whisper-yelled. "No one can find out about us."
We pulled apart, and standing there was Kaylie.
"I'm out of art class, and I see you guys in the toilets again?!?!" she shrieked.
"It doesn't look like that, Kay," I smirked.
"Well, yeah, you probably just had a long smooch and pulled away. I'm so telling Chrissy now."
Mike's face turned a ghostly white. "No, you shan't!" he cried.
"It's er, sort of private at the moment. Pinky promise you won't tell now or tomorrow or the day after, so on until I let you?"
"Say, it's a deal," I snarled to Kaylie.
"Why should I say that?" she asked with a raised eyebrow. "You're not even part of this little arguement, so shoo."
Mike shot a glare at Kaylie, but she ignored it.
"Well...I'm not keeping the promise. Bye."
And the door swung closed.
 Hello, I'm Wawwa, I'm a new writer for this account. Ignore the name 'TwoWittyWriters', make it three. I'll be doing Elizabeth's P.O.V. Hope you like! ~Wawwa
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 9
Chrissy's P.O.V.

A crowd started to form,as they got out their phones.I punched her in
the face as she fell to the ground.
"Don't you ever judge someone like that.And also,I don't wanna
be popular anymore,I don't want to be part of your
b/tchy crew." I spat.She got up and kicked me.I kneed her in the stomach and was
about to own her,but Kaylie had
grabbed me and dragged me out."I can't believe you stood up to her!"
Kaylie yelled.I walked away angerly,because she ignored
me the whole week."Chrissy?" She called frowning,"Why are you so mad?" she asked.
"You ignored me the whole week,you didn't want me to sit next to
you guys,and also you didn't even talk to me in the car.I said getting
frustrated."Because you chose Elizabeth over
me." She said."I was goana tell you that I was using her to get hard revenge
because what she said to you,but you ignored me." I told her honestly.
She made an 'Forgive me?' face.I couldn't help but smile and hug her.Kaylie
and I were okay again,and I was glad
I sat down with Kaylie,as Mike and Anthony were surprised.
"We made up." Kaylie said quickly."I thought you were in
trouble?" Mike asked."I have in school suspension tomorow.Oh and some updates,I'm out of
Elizabeths crew." I said."So how about you and Mike?" She said
eyeing me and Mike.I shot Mike a look to see if he told her.He shaked his head
slowly."Love birds!" Kaylie shouted.I blushed and looked down."I still think you should've
picked me." Anthony laughed."Oh please,how would you impress me?" I asked
laughing.I was on my phone when I got a text.
I'm going to ruin you.~Elizabeth
I texted back quickly and Kaylie watched me make my comeback.
Okay,Whatever.Don't worry your face doesn't look that bad.It looks better than before.
I turned around to see her reaction and she made a face,I laughed.
School ended and I walked with Kaylie to the field.
Elizabeth was talking to
the coach,probably about how to fix her face.I was
stretching and coach came up to me."Chrissy,Your off the team,I'm
sorry." he said."What!Why!"
Why in the world was he kicking me off?!
"Because we cannot tolerate people who are violent to the
head cheerleaders."I just laughed."Okay,I don't
care.If this is what Elizabeth said about ruining me,I'm fine." I said.I ran up to Kaylie
and told her that I was kicked off the team and that it was Elizabeth's
fault."Coach will believe Elizabeth's bullsh/t any day."
She said."I'll be at home!" I yelled as I started jogging home.I thought
that was all Elizabeth could do.
Or so I thought.
Hey everyone!I hope you've had a very Merry Chrisstmas!~Chow Mein
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 8
Kaylie's P.O.V.

I gasped softly as I heard that Chrissy had said yes.
"Okay," she giggled. "I'm going to head to the bathroom, then we can start working on our project."
He nodded while blushing, as she ran upstairs.
I came out of nowhere, acting like I had no idea what just happened.
"Hey Mike.. are you going out with Chrissy?" I immediately asked, as he was startled.
"Uhh yeah.." he mumbled, a bit shy.
I heard the footsteps of Chrissy coming downstairs, and as she entered the living room, I swooped behind her running upstairs, not making a single sound.
I was dropped at school, along with Chrissy, and I didn't bother to even start a conversation with her.
"Kaylie, did I do something wr-"
"I gotta go, I'll see you later." I interrupted, as I walked away fast.
I managed to stop after a couple of seconds, and she was talking to Elizabeth.
It almost looks like they were arguing.
I managed to move closer, around the corner, to hear what they had to say.
"Why are you texting Mike?" Elizabeth chuckled, as she took Chrissy's phone and was reading their text conversation.
"Because we're... going out." she giggled, smiling.
Elizabeth choked on her own spit. "What? Please tell me you're joking!"
"I'm not.." Chrissy muttered, a bit confused.
Elizabeth then gave her a hug. "Honey, he's not really popular, you can do much better. Just dump his butt, and I can set you up with one of the jocks." she winked.
"But I really like him.. and no offense, but you're not in charge of who I like." she said confidently.
No no no no no, Chrissy, why did you just say that?!
"When did you start being a little b/tch?" she snarled, as Elizabeth can get really offensive.
"What are you talking about?" Chrissy asked, raising an eyebrow.
"Oh, so now you think you're the boss of me?" Elizabeth hissed, as she threw Chrissy's phone on the ground.
"What the f/ck is wrong with you!" Chrissy yelled.
"Oh no you didn't. You did not just say that." Elizabeth growled.
I watched closely, as they were just having an intense stare competition.
And then, Elizabeth shoved Chrissy to the ground, as she dragged Elizabeth down with her.
All of a sudden, it turned into a fight.
 Oooh, fight. ;o -Cha Cha
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 7
Chrissy's P.O.V.

"I guess you guys..."I sighed."Forget about her,she can't stop you from being with us."
Elizabeth said trying to cheer me up.I plastered a fake smile on
my face and they believed it.Just like everyone
else did back at Maine.The bell rang and we went to our classes.I sat in my
spot waiting for Kaylie to tell her that I was tricking Elizabeth into trusting
me,so I could get her back with some hard revenge.
Kaylie walked in and sat in a different spot next to a girl,I didn't even know.
What the heck?
It was like this for every class.
Why was she ignoring me?
Elizabeth said I could sit next to them at lunch.I was about
to sit down when Kaylie slammed the table with her hand,"Sorry it's taken." And she hand motioned me to go sit
somewhere else.If she was going to play like this,I would too.I sat outside and just thought.
Why was Kaylie like this?
I was on my laptop when I heard the doorbell ring.
I dashed down the stairs and saw Mike at the door.I smiled and opened
the door."Hey!I was waiting for you!" I said as I pulled him into a
hug.I think I have a thing for Mike now.We went to my room,and he saw my
laundry all over the floor.I facepalmed and I forgot to fold my
laundry."Seriously,a striped bra?" He asked holding up my bra."Give it back!" I snatched
it away and cleaned up.He laughed and so did I.
We didn't really do the project,only talk about stuff.I looked up
and saw him staring at me.I blushed and turned
away."Chrissy,I think I like you." Mike said slowly.I blushed more as I bit my
lip."I think I like you too." I turned back and kissed him.
I pulled away then looked at him and he was blushing big time.
I smiled and kissed him again.And again.It led out to a making out
session,and I heard someone gasp.I saw Kaylie.She went back to her room.
I closed the door and he looked guilty."Should I go?" he asked.
He was such a girl."No,she's just mad at me for some
reason,not you." I said.I started to think of when she moved.My parents
hated me more.I started to cry and Mike touched my shoulder.
"Are you okay?" he asked."I'm fine." I wiped my eyes."No your not.Every girl says
that,when their not fine."He said.I looked up and hugged him."It's just that....I'm hiding this big secret and I can't tell anyone." I said as tears streamed down my face."What is it?" he asked.
I told him everything."I just want to have someone to comfort me
through this whole thing." I said crying hysterically now.There was a silence.
"Chrissy will you go out with me?" he asked.
 Things are about to get steamy!xD~Chow Mein
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 6
Kaylie's P.O.V.

I heard the doorbell ring, as I headed downstairs to answer, since Chrissy was busy talking on the phone with Elizabeth.
I opened it, and I was suprised to see who it is.
"Mike, what are you doing here?" I asked slowly, with raised eyebrows.
"I came here for Chrissy, silly goose. We're partners for a history project, and she told me to come over today." he said, as I let him inside.
How didn't I know of this? Mike doesn't have any classes with Chrissy.
"Chrissy, come downstairs! Mike's here.." I shouted, as she walked downstairs in a hot pink crop top that exposed her.. chi-chi's.
I don't think she noticed, because she's not the type of gal who does that.
"H-hi C-Chrissy." he mumbled weakly, staring at her chest.
"Oh stop being a pervert." I muttered while getting some iced tea out of the fridge.
This made Chrissy & Mike both blush, which was weird.
Did they have a thing for each other?
"Well anyways, I'm going to head upstairs, help yourself to any of the food you want." I said as I zoomed upstairs, it was getting pretty awkward.
I walked into school with Chrissy the next day, as Elizabeth and her group were waiting for Chrissy.
I remember they used to do that with me.
"Oh there's my friends! I'll see you later Kay-Kay!" she giggled.
I pulled her arm, stopping her from going to them, because I didn't want her to turn into one of Elizabeth's mutants.
"Do you think you could hang out with me today?" I asked softly, making sure that they didn't hear.
"But Kaylie, you have a bunch of friends." she said.
"You know what, just go to Elizabeth, I don't really mind." I muttered, walking away to my other friends that were on the cheerleading squad.
As I walked away, I heard Elizabeth talking to Chrissy about me.
"Woah, Kaylie is just mad that we're your new best friends! Hmmph, you shouldn't really hang out with her anymore, since she didn't want to with us!" Elizabeth whispered.
"She's my friend since.. like forever. I can't ditch her." Chrissy said softly, feeling guilty.
"Well, it's either that or you can't hang out with us anymore."
 Merry Christmas.. Eve! <3 ~Cha Cha
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 5
Chrissy's P.O.V.

I was running to Elizabeth's group when I heard them trash talking about Kaylie.
"Kaylie is such a spoiled brat.I can't believe she turned down
our group.I guess I'll replace her with that new girl Chrissy,she's better
anyways." I acted like I didn't hear
anything."Hey guys!" I panted."Hey!I think instead of that,you
should be wearing our group uniform!"
she squealed.She showed me some really short shorts and a normal
T-shirt.Those were really short.I went to the bathroom
and changed.
"You look great!" she shrieked.We kept talking and
talking until it got late."Tomorow,can you sit with us at lunch?" she asked.I
nodded and she smiled.
"You have to wear that." She said strictly."Really?" I begged.
"Yes,after that you don't have to sit with us." she said.
I nodded and ran home."Hey!" I waved at Kaylie as I got home.
"So what's your plan,genius?"She chuckled,but I knew she
was dissapointed I lied."I actually learned how to cheer." I said.She widened
her eyes and gave me a 'Really'
look."I'm a dancer,cheering connects with dancing." I said.She nodded
and thought.I knew she was dissapointed.
The bell rang and I changed into my uniform.I sat next to Elizabeth
and ate my lunch.I turned around and saw Kaylie's
table across the room.Mike and Anthony were staring at me.
I waved and they almost fainted.
I laughed and turned back to my table."Hey Chrissy,I dare you
to go whisper to Mike to be your partner for history."
One of Elizabeth's friends said."Don't push her,she's new." Elizabeth assured her.
"No,I'll do it." I said.I walked over there and sat next to
Mike,"Hey,Can you be my project partner for history?" I
asked Mike.Anthony crossed his arms
and looked at me.I laughed as he shook his head saying I should've picked
him."Sure."he said trying not to smile."Hey Chrissy,you sitting next
to us tomorow?" Kaylie asks.I nod.
I leave the table and go back to Elizabeth's.I
could hear Mike freaking out.I laughed as Elizabeth and her friends cheered.
Oh shoot.I forgot that that was a real project.
I made an excuse to go to the bathroom and I gave him my number.
Elizabeth and her friends cheered again.
I was enjoying this popular stuff.

 - Hope you like it.2 days 'till Xmas!!~Chow Mein
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 4
Kaylie's P.O.V.

"Do you mind staying during my cheerleading practice? They just told me we had practice today." I asked Chrissy as I changed into my Nike sport shorts and a plain blue t-shirt.
She shrugged as she sat on the bleachers, as I set my duffle bag right next to her.
"Wait Kaylie." Chrissy yelled, before I was going to join the rest of the girls.
"Do you think maybe I could join the cheerleading squad?" she asked softly, giving me a small smile.
"You can talk to the coach about it." I said as she hurried down to the field.
I never thought of her as a cheerleading type of girl.
But people can change right?
"Coach, my name is Chrissy, and I'd like to join the cheerleading squad!" she said confidently.
The coach examined her carefully as her face expression was blank.
"Do you have any experience?" the coach asked, raising an eyebrow at her.
"I was the cheer captain at my old school, and we made it all the way to Nationals. Me and Kaylie used to take private lessons when we were little." Chrissy said proudly.
Why was she making up big lies like this?
I get she just wants to fit in, but lies can always come back to haunt you.
"I like you. You're in!" the coach yelled, giving Chrissy a pat on the back as she pulled out a uniform and gave it to her.
I smiled at Chrissy, as I gave her a thumbs up.
"Alright girls, we have a new member of our squad, her name is Chrissy, and I expect you to treat her kindly!" the coach screeched, as the girls nodded respectfully.
"You went to Nationals? Wow, you must be really good!" a girl complimented as Chrissy nodded.
"You're really pretty without make-up!" another girl said.
"Do you want to sit by us at lunch tomorrow? You seen really cool." one of the snarkiest cheerleaders on the squad, Elizabeth, asked with a plastered smile on her face.
"I'd love to." Chrissy replied, enjoying the attention.
I sighed deeply, Chrissy, don't get dragged into Elizabeth's drama and bullsh/t.
Since Chrissy was here, the coach decided to go easy on us, which made the girls like her more.
We just did toe stretches, ran laps around the field, and did simple cartwheels.
After practice, I could tell Chrissy was stoked.
"I love cheerleading, and all the girls really liked me! Not to mention that Elizabeth asked me to sit by her at lunch tomorrow." she sighed of happiness.
"Yeah, but you do know Coach is going to be expecting you to do all this impressive stuff next practice?" I asked, still worried that she might make a fool of myself.
"Well, don't worry, I always have a plan." Chrissy winked.
"Alright.." I mumbled.
"Anyways, I'm going to go over to Elizabeth and her group. Wanna come with?" she asked, wanting to meet her other friends badly.
"No, it's okay. I'll meet you at home I guess." I said with a fake smile.
"Okay, see you later Kaylie!" she shouted as she ran over to Elizabeth and started chatting.
What have I done?

 - Cha Cha
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 3
Chrissy's P.O.V.

I smiled at Kaylie.I stuffed my burger inside my mouth.
Soon we finished and went to Kaylie's house,which
now I should be calling home.
When we got home we had a little fashion show.I had so much fun.
I hadn't had this much fun ever since Kaylie left."Do you still have your bracelet?"
she asked holding her
wrist up,showing me the friendship bracelet I made for her in
third grade."Yeah." I said pointing to my wrist."Do
you remember the routine?" She asked."What?" I asked,confused.
She played Lights by Ellie Goulding.Oh my gosh!I loved this song.
I got up and started
to dance,as she started to sing.
After the song was over we went to my room,and
I openned my new laptop.We logged on to Facebook and we checked everyones
status.Melissa's said,
No fair!!Chrissy got to go to California!She's such a loser!
Kaylie quickly looked at me
to see if I was mad.
We looked at Ellen's too,
Chrissy!!I am so sorry!Please come back!I didn't mean it!
Too late.We finally looked at Sam's,
I feel so bad about what I did to Chrissy.She's gone now :(  
"How does everyone know you moved?" Kaylie asked.
"Even though I'm not popular everyone knows me.They always figure out one
way or another." I sighed.

"Chrissy get up!" Kaylie yelled as she shook me.
"Okay,let me get changed!" I yelled back.She nodded and
I got ready with my usual grey
and blue themed outfit.I brushed my
hair and didn't apply any make-up.I looked in the mirror.I looked pretty
for once.I got out and Kaylie gasped."You look amazing!" She let out a little squeal.I was
excited and so was she.We got to
school in time just before the bell rang.Everyone kept going up
to Kaylie and asking who I was.I had every class with Kaylie.Everyone came
up to me asking where I'm from and my story.I needed to
lie to them to be popular.
"I lived in Maine and I'm best friends with Kaylie.Actually
I've known her ever since first grade.I just moved in with her." I said making
them believe that nothing bad ever happened to me.
I sat down next to Kaylie every
class.Lunch came and I was pretty nervous."Chrissy!Over here!"
Kaylie yelled from across the room.I joined them and smiled.
"This is Charlotte,Eva,Mike,and Anthony." She said pointing to everyone.
"Hey,I'm Chrissy." I said smiling and waving.
"Damn Kaylie,your friend is hot." Anthony whispered.
I chuckled a little bit,as Mike nodded,trying to hide it so I wouldn't see.
"Oh shut up!She's not looking for a relationship.Besides,why would she
go for you?" Kaylie laughed.I laughed too.
"Have you guys ever tasted french fries dipped in a smoothie?" I asked.
Mike and Anthony stared at me whenever I said something.
"Looks like they're head over heels for you." Kaylie whispered.
I chuckled and took a look at them.
They were kind of cute,but Kaylie explained I wasn't 
looking for a relationship.I was focused on not getting bullied.
 And I was pretty sure I would make sure that I wouldn't be bullied.

I hope you guys like it!!We post two chapters a day if you didn't know.Thanks!~Chow Mein
Secrets Behind The Words
Chapter 2
Kaylie's P.O.V.

I paced around as I looked out the window, seeing if Chrissy's plane had landed yet.
"Mom, Dad, isn't that her plane? I don't see her coming out." I whispered loudly, nervous that her parents might have stopped her.
"Don't worry sweetie, she'll be okay." my mother assured me as she sipped her mocha latte.
"Are you sure she wants to come here in such short notice?" my father asked slowly.
"Her message on Skype almost made me break down in tears, and she never exaggerates anything." I said, checking my phone constantly.
"Oh sweetheart, is that her?" my mother said, turning me to a girl much like my age.
I smiled as I recognized those light chocolate brown hair and eyes anywhere.
"Chrissy!" I yelled as I gave her a tight hug.
"I've missed you so much Kaylie!" she shrieked as she gave me a big grin.
"I'm so glad we're reunited again." I giggled.
Chrissy started laughing as tears started falling from her eyes. "Thank you so much, it was torture back in Maine."
I hugged her once more. "That's what best friends are for, right?"
"This would look really cute on you!" I complimented as I showed Chrissy a lavender, flowy dress that  went down to her knees and showed off her curves.
"Oh, fine." she mumbled as she went into a dressing room to change.
As she came out, I gasped of awe.
"Oh my gosh, you look so cute!" I shouted, as she managed to curve her lips into a small smile.
Chrissy raised both eyebrows at me and grabbed the exact same dress, but in aqua.
"Why don't you try it on so I'm not the only loser?" she joked, as I punched her lightly in the arm.
I came out wearing the dress, and I had to say, I looked fabulous.
"Now we match." she smirked.
"Besties for life." I laughed as we tried on more dresses, some being ridiculous, some being formal.
After about an hour, we managed to buy about 3 bags worth of clothes.
"Kaylie, can I ask you something?" Chrissy said as we sat down in the food court of the mall, eating large, juicy cheeseburgers and slurping thick milkshakes.
"Sure." I moaned as I was savoring the deliciousness of the burger, as today was a pig-out day.
"I want to be popular at your school, will you help me with it?"
I get where she's coming from, since she obviously doesn't want to go through the same torture that she had to go through in Maine. 
I gave her a smile, even though my mouth was covered in the burger's special sauce.
"Of course I will, I promise you will be one of the most popular girls in school."

Hoped you guys liked it! -Cha Cha