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that's what you get when you let your heart win.

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Once they see you're doing better without them,
that's when they want you back. 


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Theres a gap between my fingers, 
a gap where yours should be...
That funny moment when there is a dirty joke hidden within a kids movie


What's worse than being hated?

Being ignored.

At least when they hate you,
they treat you like you exist.


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My Brother...
Has a  type of Issue called Asperger`s Syndrome. He Hates Being touched and he has only huged me 2 times in my life. He told me if i get 100 faves.. he will give me a hug for 3 seconds.. Please Fave.. I want him to hug Me. 

Thanks Wittans.. It means a lot <3


You know at least one girl

Who makes the same face/pose
In every picture.

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I'm mature enough,
To forgive you.
BuI'm not stupid enough,
To trust you again.