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Raxin 4 years ago on quote #7039234
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Sometimes it goes the other way too. I'm lonely for a while, and then I realize I'm comfortable.
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Raxin 5 years ago on quote #7059766
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For anyone else going through what she went through, here's what you do: Go directly to the principal of your school and say exactly this, "I need your help, because I'm being bullied and it's affecting my academic performance." Then shut up and wait. If you put it like that, in a sentence they can understand, it forces them to pay attention. You have to realize that we adults have completely different worries than you do. We worry about things like performance reviews and productivity metrics and losing our jobs. A term like "academic performance" is something a principal will respond to. Bullying is also a hot topic. Asking for help also puts it in their lap and makes them feel like they have an opportunity to make a difference. Adults want to make a difference. When you put all three together in a simple sentence and then stop talking, it'll definitely get their attention and make them feel like doing something.
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Y0UNGL0V3MURD3R 5 years ago on quote #7049340
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