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- Travis Allred
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Quotes by Travis Allred*

Is there anyone that would like to talk. I am kinda bored and don't use this much anymore. kik or instagram

I know Witty is dead 
but I really miss my teen years living in this place
I am reading all the quotes I used to put on here 
by helping people in certain ways I could change their lives for the better.

I made a lot of great friends on here.

Kik: Top_Notch_123
Instagram: TravisAllred_
You will have a good life,
if you find the right people
in your life that accept the
way who you are.



Dear People,
if you are going to date your girlfriend/boyfriend
and you say to hundreds of other boys/girls that 
they are "perfect" by their looks. Then why are you
dating your boyfriend/girlfriend in the first place. Are
you trying to make them look like they are not good
enough to be your world. Most of the time they will
think that they are not good enough in this world. 



If you are going to judge by their looks
you arent only hurtting them,
but you are hurting yourself



When you tell the truths 
to so many people, that you want
them to accept for who you are or
you just want to talk to them. All they
do is just block you on everything and lies to you
about everything for making you to believe
what they are saying. Then all of these things
get into your head asking yourself "Why am
i so worthless that im not good enough to be
like by them." This been happening to me to a lot of people. 
So i thought in my mind that i wanted
to do someting to myself.

3 hours ago 

I got into really bad car accident that I drove
way too fast for the condition. The road were
pretty snowy outside with about roughly 20 mph
wind. There wasnt any cars around. I driving around
55 mph. I lost control of the car about 400 feets then

started flipped over twice and landed on the tires
with the back window is missing, the hood is
bent a lot and multiple pieces of the car were torn off. 
The reason I did it because i wanted to kill myself or hurt myself. 
I was put into Emergency Room with no injuries. So i failed at it. 



Friendship means 
understanding, not agreement.
Forgiveness, not forgetting.
It means the memories last, 
even if the contact is lost. 




Friends are the Bacon Bits
in the Salad Bowl of Life. 



When girls lists out all the things that they want from a guy
Then you know they are just really becoming a selfish person. 



We can gives without loving,
We cant love people without giving ourselves.