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- Travis Allred
- 18 years old
- Wisconsin
- Volleyball
- Xbox Live (wG Notch)
- Loves One Direction, Hunter Hayes, Daughtry, and GooGoo Dolls
- Loves to watch Glee and The Walking Dead
- BFF: Bri and Sammi

Quotes by Travis Allred*

Awkward Moment in my entire life
So yesterday i had to check my weight
on the little like you probably have one 
in the bathroom. its said I weigh myself
as 110 lbs because I had to be 138 to join
the United State Army. So today i had to go 
in and talk to Army Recruiter. They put me on 
the weight scale, its said that I weigh at 128 lbs.


For of those you who still wondering if I am ever
going to join the Military. I was disqualified because
of my disabilities problem. So I will not be able to reach
my dreams anymore. it just had been crushed.


Telling your life story
may change or save 1 person's life


Girls who call themselves fat at 110 lbs.
I am 110 lbs and skinny af.
You arent fat at all..
You may think you are, but you aren't fat


I am walking down the street
with the music in my ears
and feel like im in music video


Life doesnt have 
to be perfect 
to be wonderful



Sometimes the hardest thing to say
are those that straight comes from the heart





Just a little bit pretty
Just a little bit more aware
Just a little bit thinner
And maybe I'd get there


the World


3 Main Rules for Relationship:
- Dont cheat
- Dont lie
- Dont make promises you cant keep



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