Travis Allred*

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Location: Loma Linda, California
Gender: M
- Travis Allred
- 18 years old
- Wisconsin
- Volleyball
- Xbox Live (wG Notch)
- Loves One Direction, Hunter Hayes, Daughtry, and GooGoo Dolls
- Loves to watch Glee and The Walking Dead
- BFF: Bri and Sammi

Quotes by Travis Allred*

Let everyone know that today
you are so much stronger
than you were yesterday.




Dont cut or try to commit suicide
You are defeating yourself badly 
and letting the enemies wins over you

Show the enemies how stronge you are
and that you dont care about them anymore
and you are winning over them. 

Not everyone is going to have a easy life.



5 Tips on Girls who makes these quote:
1. Shut
2. The 
3. He'll
4. Up
5. about these tips on boys and ending with a bad statement.
Some boys sucks. Some girls sucks. its Equal. 



Its not about forcing happiness
Its about not letting the sadness win.



Stranger are just friends
waiting to happen.



My biggest wish is to get Telekinesis 
so i can move objects with my mind
just like Carrie White.



Witty is going to be dead soon. 
Nothing is going too last forever



What girl who is in love with a guy
from another state. But hang out with the same
kid after school until she goes to sleep and doesnt
text her true first love? And at the end she doesnt 
care about it anymore. Da Fuuuuq? 



That embarassing/awkward moment
when you mow the grass for almost an hour 
and one thing you totally forgot to do is turn
on your cutter blaze to cut the grass. 
my gooooodnessss.....



Admit it
Everybody wants their relationship
to be like same from the music video of
Everything Has Changed by Taylor Swift.

Isnt it cute?



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