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- Travis Allred
- 18 years old
- Wisconsin
- Volleyball
- Xbox Live (wG Notch)
- Loves One Direction, Hunter Hayes, Daughtry, and GooGoo Dolls
- Loves to watch Glee and The Walking Dead
- BFF: Bri and Sammi

Travis Allred*'s Favorite Quotes

I came to witty to escape  now I come to witty to remember when it was an escape

Dear People,
if you are going to date your girlfriend/boyfriend
and you say to hundreds of other boys/girls that 
they are "perfect" by their looks. Then why are you
dating your boyfriend/girlfriend in the first place. Are
you trying to make them look like they are not good
enough to be your world. Most of the time they will
think that they are not good enough in this world. 



“But you’re not supposed to see your teachers outside of school! It’s like seeing Santa in blue jeans.”

Most days, I'm okay.
Some days, it hurts.
I miss everything;
from the smell of the wood heater
to the sound of my father kicking off his boots.
I miss waking up to my mother's favourite playlist,
falling asleep to the dogs barking.

Most days, I love it here.
Some days, it's too lonely.
I hate everything;
from the eerie quiet on weekends
to disconnect of people on my floor.
I hate the solitude of a studio apartment,
the independence of living alone.

Most days, I'm happy here.
Some days, I just want to go home.

Who else on here loves Supernatural?

imagine being an actor/actress you would be able to kiss hot people omg

i bet even adam levine doesnt know the names of the other members of maroon 5
With every breath I take I die a little more 

For attractive lips, speak words of kindness.For lovely eyes, seek out

the good in people.For a slim figure, share your food with the hungry.For

beautiful hair, let a child run his or her fingers through it once a day.For

poise, walk with the knowledge that you never walk alone....” ~Sam Levenson

the worst part about ugly dudes is everyone defends them like ‘he’s really funny though’ or something but if a chick is ugly to someone they just straight up dirt like they might as well not even have a personality