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Uduak's Favorite Quotes

what if i stopped caring?
but my silence seems to offend you.
i'm at the starting lines while you've already reached your flow state.
we're not the same.
you keep making me feel bad for tripping up.
i apologise and joke around with you.
you're always the same.
hot then cold, but always brutal.
i can't accept all of you.
i can't seem to keep you happy.
you're not impressed.
well okay, that one stung.
add it to the list of mistakes i've done.
it's hard cause i know you're right.
but you expect me to hit the ground running and i'm scared.
i hate disappointing people.
i tried to take it lightly but you still tried calling me out.
i can't be all go with the flow. 
i've made more errors than i can count, but haven't we all?
honestly. haven't we all?
keep keeping scores and keep telling me your not impressed.
all i regret was trying to flatter you.
never again. you can stroke your own ego.
I believe you are who you are... sometimes your sweet and giggly full of life and bubble. Other's your serious as can be. One minute there might storm's in your eyes and loneliness and fear, oh how small of a child you must feel your friends and loved ones are there to be your guiding light. Other days maybe your cat bounding and singing to your hearts content. You, we, all humans are silly giggly, serious and stern, loving, helpful scared and timid. Never ever change because society says you don't follow the norm. You are you in all your beautiful shining soulful adultness. Be happy, be blessed, love yourself in all your flaws and greatness. Keep your soul happy thru laughter and love and beautiful memories.
This quote does not exist.
Karma says sometimes you will suffer not because you were bad but because you didn't know when to stop being good
Friends do not let friends be sad suffering without trying to give any comfort
you were the first to tell me to stay happy.
if you knew what i was going through
would you even be proud?
have you ever been proud?
will anything ever be enough to make you proud?

sometimes i like gold stickers too.
sometimes i need a pat on the back too.
sometimes i want to cause trouble just for attention too.

the quiet child who always did well by herself...
even she needs encouragement sometimes.
she's your child too.

 I feel myself falling, like I always do. I can't do this anymore.

They say happiness will find you,
But I think sadness find you too.
It sneaks up on you in darkness,
Just when you thing you’ve made it through 
It opens hole in what was solid ground,
That kind you never knew was there.
Until you go to take another step
And find out you’re standing over thin air,
The world around you passes by,
In blue of colors and sounds,
Nothing around you makes any sense
As you continue your plummet down
You can’t remember how it started
And you don’t know when will it end,
But you know you’d give anything
To stand up on your feet.
Sadness is that feeling
When the falling doesn’t stop,
And it eats up the meaning of your life
And all the good things that you’ve got,
And finally you look back at the sky
What you had once seems so far away now,
The only things left to do is cry
All people yell out “save yourself”
Calling things about happiness and hope
But they’re too busy in their lives to realize 
It would be a lot quicker if
They’d let down a rope........!
how do you fix what is broken 
after all these years. 
it should be easier.