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Nobody knows the real me. Nobody knows how many times i've sat in my room and cried, how many time i've lost hope, how many times ive been let down. Nobody knows how many times ive had to hold back my tears, how many times ive felt like im about to snap but dont just for the sake of others. Nobody knows the thoughts that have gone through my head whenever im sad, and how horrible they actually are. Nobody knows.
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*me and my boyfriends convo just now*
Its better to forgive than forget anyway! lol
Him: I know thats why i said it lol
me: well then you are a smart cookie! haha
Him: im not a cookie! you might eat me.
me: well why would i do that!? that wouldnt be good. how would i explain that to your parents? lol
Him: "uhmm, parents... i ate your son."
me: And what would they say?
Him: was he tasty?
me: ..... Delicious.
Him: what flavor?
Me: Chocolate chip.
Him: So im a chocolate chip cookie!?
Me: .....yes.
Him: lol whats wrong with us

Yep,we need professional help lol

I  dont  care  if  im  tired,
Staying up late texting you is better than sleeping.

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I dont know what to do. Im in a bad situation and i just need some advice. 
Please. Heres the story.
So this guy who ive known since 5th grade started really talking to me and my bestfriend on the same day but he was talking to her more than me so apparently they both started liking eachother and he asked her out today. She is so happy but he isnt. He started texting me a few hours after they started going out and he said it wasnt her he liked, it was me. And i kinda like him too but i dont think i can date him now cause he's dating my friend but he's gonna break up with her. And im also friends with his other ex... so idk. He keeps saying that he likes me and misses me and stuff and i was like ' your basically cheating on alex even though you dont like her ' and all he said was ' so ' so im scared he would do the same thing with me. I dont know what to do.


Just a vent. You dont have to read this.
This past Friday,

my brother graduated from

NAVY bootcamp

I went to his graduation and that was the first time ive seen him in 2 months. Its really hard because we used to be extremely close. He is my bestfriend and to think that he's actually moving on with his life in a completely different state than me makes me cry every night. I miss him more than anything. I wish i could just stay with you on base in Chicago instead of here in North Carolina.
I dont tell you this enough, but i love you. You are the best brother i could ever ask for.
Stay safe, sailor.

so there's this guy
Well he's my ex. He broke up with me in October on our 4 month anniversary. Then we didnt talk again till around Febuary. Ever since we started talking again i like him more and more. We get closer every single day. But he always flirts with me.. He'll like take my ipod or my phone and he slowly takes my headphones out of my ears while im listening to music and he puts them in his phone and just smiles. I think its pretty cute/funny but whatever lol. But he'll also poke my sides and tickle me whenever i walk by. He doesnt realy have alot of friends anymore since he broke up with me and im the only one who will actually talk to him in our health class. But anyway, today he did the weirdest thing which makes me wonder even more if he still likes me. So today we finished our work early so we got to go in the gym and just hang out there for about 20 minutes. So me and my friends were just walking around the gym and he (my ex) was near us the whole time and i said to my friend " omg, whys it so freakin cold in here??" and my ex heard me and he was like " you see my backpack on the bleachers over there?" i was like yeah why? and he was like " go in the first pocket and get my jacket. You can wear it if you want" So i had his jacket for the rest of the day. He usually doesnt give his jacket out like that so it suprised me. But does this mean he may still like me ? He's done other things to make me think so and i talked about it in some other quotes. But i just want other peoples opinions. Do you think he still likes me ?
If you read all of this thank you soo much<3 sorry it was so long.

Girls, i need advice
So i met this guy in the beginning of the year at a football game and we instantly clicked. We have soo much in common including where were from. We live in North Carolina but were both from Long Island, in NY. But anywayy, we've been bestfriends ever since. And everyone knows you always falll for your bestfriend which is completely true. My other guy friends talk to him on the bus about me and they say he always nice stuff about me and they keep telling him to ask me out and he's always just like ' i really like her but were bestfriends so idk' and my friends are just like ' thats why you guys would be perfect for eachother!' And everytime were together people always say stuff like " awwwh look at them! how cute!' and " dude just ask her out alredy!' and we both get annoyed with it sometimes. So my friend thats a girl was texting him asking him why he hasnt asked me out yet and he said " idk, people just keep telling me to do stuff ( as in ask me out. nothing bad ) and i just feel like theres too much pressure on me"

I really like him and he really likes me but i dont want him to ask me out because he thinks he's been pressured into it. I want him to ask me out because he wants to. I just dont know if i should tell him that or just wait it out and see what happens. Any advice?
I know this is long but if you read it all, that means alot. thank youu<3


So i was just walking down the hall to my class and
  I saw 2 kids running around the halls and 1 was chasing the other. They were both guys. When the one chasing the other guy passed me i was like 'whats going on?' and he screamed 
"He stole my nutella!!!"
my day = made.
true story.


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I reallyy need to listen to some different music right now.

-Please comment on this with some good songs so i can get my mind off things. Im in a really bad mood and i just need to forget the world right now.
Thank you<3

Long but please please please read. i need someone to talk to.
So me and this guy dated for 4 months and he broke up with me in October. (6/5/11-10/5/11). But me and him are still friends and everything. But today, we were in gym and my friend matt, who's also friends (kinda) with my ex, was telling me that my ex's other friend alex has been saying really.. nasty rumors about me and my ex just because he was jealous of us. ( because he used to like me alot ). And matt said he's been starting these rumors while we were going out and im just now hearing about it. Apparently alll of their friends know about it too. And alex asked me out after me and my ex broke up and i said no so he started more rumors. So my ex saw i was reallyy mad in gym and he actually came over and talked to me. ( our friendship is still in that awkward stage so it was shocking ) We were outside playing kickball and i was at 2nd base and he was running the bases and he stopped at 2nd base and stood really close to me, looked me in the eyes, and gave me that " im sorry" look he gave me when he broke up with me. this was our convo: him: " .. are you okay?" me: " im fine." him: " look, dont worry about it. Its mostly about me and you just got brought into it cause we dated" me: " yeah i know, but you know i cant take when people talk about me. especially when what they say isnt true." him : " i know i know. i dont either. But just forget about it, its not that bad" me: " okay.. whatever." then he had to run again. But i was shocked that he actually talked to me. it meant alot. But anywayy, i have no idea what to do to stop this. any advice? If you read all of this, thank you sooo much. it means alot<3