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Quotes by UnOriginalMe

Guys, I have a blog! Check it out please?

Thankyou all so much! 
I'm not sure what you've done, or how you've done it.
But you've walked into my life&changed everything. You've made me happy. You're the reason I smile.
People just love to ruin your relationships.
You can suck my d*ck.
That feeling you get when he kisses you ♥
Someone chat me?
I'm me.
Oh, yes? 
Yeah, I really don't care...
I'm not perfect.
I'm not necessarily smart. I'm not pretty. I'm not funny. I'm not 'normal'
I don't have the nicest figure, flattest tummy, nicest legs, big hips, a nice bum or big boobs.
But I do know what I want with my life and who I want in it.
And I have ambitions.
What does that girl have?
Boobs and a bum. That's all.
Do you think she really loves you? No. 
She sees you as the popular boy and thinks being with you will make her look good.
How about this..? 
You mean the world to me, no matter what you've got and what you haven't.
Be with the person who makes you happy.
Normal girls my age: *snuggled up with boyfriends*
Me: Well... I like my bed anyway! Who needs a boyfriend..
Me: Wait... I do... I'm gonna be single forever!

The conversations I have with myself inside of my head :') 
Eventually, you will find that one boy who makes you feel like a princess.