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heyy.. yus!! more. guotes and poems. to add. IM me to chat.. im always on.. :) x0o. Me p.s alot of the break up quotes are off of random icons.. mostly at www.avatarhell.com i make some up tho.

Quotes by UnshAterdDreAms

'Do you wanna run away together?'
I would say it was your best line ever.
Too bad I fell for it...
And I walked along,
Waiting for you to come along.
Take my tortured heart by the hand.
And write me off
where do you go when your lonley
where do you go when your blue
where do you go when your lonley
I'll follow you
when the stars go blue
GoNnA GeT a LitTlE cRaZi jUst BeCaUsE I CaN *
you won me over, inspite of me, were you alarmed that i fell head over feet, and were you suprised that i loved you, for all that you were, i couldnt hellp itt..
// its was all your fault. x/3

this was in a friends inf0.. i like it <.3 tho
''nd it's all g0ing by so fast .
there will never be nE_One like [[ y0u *
'nd time just dies away ..
all our memories fade away ..
& all i keep thinking ..
[[ * i still love y0u * ]]
_<.3 y0ur my. complete_ti0n.
in this broken out w0rld_<.3
Lie to me give me some thing worth fighting for
I've made these cuts but the last one was too deep.
F*(k you for loving me ... in the 1st place