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All You Need Is Love

Sarah's P.O.V

               I started unpacking my clothes. About five minutes later, Kendie came in and flopped down on my bed.
               "So that was exciting" she said. "How come you never told me that they were all so hot?"
               "I didn't know myself" I told her. "Kendie, do you believe in love at first sight?"
               "Of course I do. I mean did you see those guys out there?" She slightly whistled. "Especially the one with the dark hair and caramel skin. He's absolutly gorgeous! Why'd you ask?" I smiled and looked down.
               "No reason."
               "Oooo! Sarah, who's the lucky guy? Spill it!"
               "I don't know..."
               "C'mon, tell me!"
               "I think I have a thing for Niall."

........Liam's P.O.V........
               "What'd you guys think of the girls?" I asked once I came back downstairs.
               "I think they're lovely" Harry said.
               "Of course you do" Marta snorted. "You think any girl that is older than you is. Do I need to remind you of a certain Xfactor host?"
               "That's my girl" Louis told her. He kissed her gently.
               "They were really nice" Kelsey said.
               I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. It must be the girls. Sarah ran over and crashed into the empty spot on the couch next to me. Kendie sat in the only spot left, on the loveseat next to Zayn. I saw a tiny blush appear on his cheeks. I smiled at him and winked. He shook his head and silently laughed.
               "How are you girls settling in?" I asked them.
               "Pretty good" Sarah nodded. "A lot bigger than my house." I laughed.
               "You'll get used to it" I told her.
               "Not to be rude or anything" Livy said. "Because you both seem like cool people but why are you here?"
               "My parents are away on vacation for the summer" Sarah responded. "And they don't really trust me alone after this one incident..."
               "What kind of incident?" Niall asked.
               "I kinda burned the house down one time while they were at a party. It was three years ago but still." She shrugged. "Anyways, it was either here or my grandparents. I really don't want to play chess all summer so I chose here, obviously."
               "Well" Harry said. "Sarah, Kendie, welcome to the family!" Harry tackled Kendie with a hug. "Don't think you can get out of this, Sarah. You're next!" Harry bear hugged her. WE all laughed. I could already tell our summer was going to be fun with these two girls around.

Author's Note
I did this chapter very quickly so it's definatly not my best
but hey, atleast I tried:P

All You Need Is Love
Ch. 2
Sarah's P.O.V

            I felt as though I could stare into his eyes forever.
            "H-hi" I said. Butterflies started flapping im my stomach. Niall smiled, bringing more uneasyness to my stomach. I heard the door open.
            "We're here!" a voice yelled. Two girls ran into the room. One of them jumped on Niall.
            "Hey!" he exclaimed. "This is Liam's cousin, Sarah, and her friend, Kendie." A felt a pang of jealousy for no reason.
            "Hi" the girl said, reaching a hand towards me. "I'm Kelsey, Niall's bestfriend." I was somewhat relieved. I shook her hand.
            "Hi" I politely said.
            "Sarah, Kendie" Liam said, distracting me away from Niall. "This is one of our best friends, Olivia."
            "Call me Livy" she told us. "Everyone does except Mr.Proper over here." Liam nudged her. I laughed.
            "So how do you two know the boys?" I asked them.
            "Nialler and I went to school together" Kelsey said. "And we've been besties since then." She ruffled his hair. More jealousy entered my system.
            "And I'm Paul's niece" Livy told us.
            "Who?" Kendie asked.
            "Paul's our head security guard" Louis explained. "This girl right here." He pointed at Livy. "Follows us around all the time now since he got employed."
            "Oh, you know you love having me around" Olivia told him. "Your lives would suck without me." I silently laughed. All the boys seemed really nice and cool but that Zayn doesn't seem to talk much.
            "Let me show you to your bedrooms" Liam said to us. He grabbed our luggage again.
            "Liam, we can get that ourselves you know" I told him.
            "Don't think I didn't see you out on the sidewalk trying to carry these bags. You two are a bunch of weaklings." He led us upstairs and down a very long hallway. This place is huge!
            "I don't go to the gym everyday like someone I know." I coughed Liam's name. I saw him shake his head and laugh.
            "You wish tou had muscles like mine. Face it." He stopped at a room. "alright, here's room number one. Any takers?"
            "Me!" Kendie said, slipping into the bedroom. Liam set her stuff down and she dragged it into the room. "Thanks for carrying all my junk." Liam laughed.
            "Anytime." He opened the door to the room across the hall. "And here's your room." He dropped my stuff and I pulled it into the room. 
            "Liam?" I said before he left.
            "Thanks for letting me stay." He smiled and hugged me.
            "It's my pleasure."

 Author's note
Sooo, what do ya guys think?
Should have another chapter up by tomorrow:)

Alright guys here I go....
All You Need Is Love
Ch. 1
Sarah's P.O.V

            I dragged my luggage across the sidewalk. I moved ten feet and I'm already exhausted. More suitcases were dragging behind me with my bestfriend Kendie. When we reached the front door, I knocked then slowly slumped down the frame till I fell on the cold, hard step. Kendie fell right beside me. The door opened and a pair of brown eyes looked down at us.
           "Long drive?" Liam asked. I nodded and got up slowly.  I reached down to help Kendie up but Liam already helped her. Her face flushed red.
           "Thanks" she told him. We stood awkwardly on the door step.
           "Don't just stand there. Come on in!" Liam easily picked up our luggage and carried it inside. I looked at my noodle arms. Maybe I should start going to the gym more.....we followed Liam inside.
           "Did I mention your cousins cute?" Kendie whispered to me. I rolled my eyes and laughed.
           "I think I should let you know he has a girlfriend before you get your hopes up" I whispered back. We walked into a giant white room.
           "Don't worry, I think I've moved on." It was then I felt all the eyes on us. I looked around the room. There were four very attractive guys who I assume were Liam's bandmates and two girls. I recognized Brianna, Liam's girlfriend.
           "Sarah!" she yelled. We ran at each other and hugged. We both erupted into a fit of giggles. brianna and I were great friends and haven't seen each other in forever. "It's awesome that your going to be staying here."
           "I know!"  I pushed Kendie forward. "Remember Kendie?"
           "Of course I do. How have you been?"
           "Good and you?" Kendie asked.
           "Perfect since I've got him to keep me on track." She kissed Liam on the cheek and he smiled down at her.
           "So Liam"one of the boys said, walking over to us. He had curly, brown hair and cute dimples. "Is this your hot cousin?" I blushed. "And who's the friend?"
           "I'm Sarah" I told him, shaking his abnormally large hand. "And this is my friend Kendra." She shooks his hand too.
           "Kendie for short" she told him.
           "I'm Harry" he smiled and winked at us.
           "Boys" Liam yelled. "Come meet the girls." The other guys got up off the couch and walked over to us.
           "I'm Louis" one of them said. "And this is my girlfriend, Marta." I shook hands with both of them.
           "I'm Zayn" one of them said shyly.
           "And I'm Niall" the only blonde one said. I looked up into his blue eyes and completely melted.

*When you see a girl flirting with the guy you like*

You: I'm gonna kill that *ss licking ball sack motherf*cking b*tch!
*Girl walks by you, smiles, and says hi*
You: *smiles politely and says hi back*
*Once her back is turned you shoot her a million times with your invisible gun*
Everyone else in my school right now are out having social lifes with their friends or boyfriends.
Meanwhile, I'm sitting in the corner of my bedroom crying because I've ran out of chocolate
I'm suprised at how many people wanted the parts. Sorry if you didn't get it:( but heres the final list:
All You Need Is Love
1.Main Character- SarahRenee124
2. Louis' girlfriend- Martaa
3. Harry's crush- Sparkle123
4. Niall's girlfriend/bestfriend- pandabear13
5. Zayn's love interest- Kendiee2
6. Liam's girlfriend- Bribree7
7.Harry's girlfriend/ex- heartofgold
8. Paul's niece/bestfriend of the boys- AllAmericanGirl

Congrats to the girls who got the parts:)
*in class*
Teacher: What's the best social network?
Girl 1: Facebook!
Girl 2: Twitter!
Girl 3: Tumblr!
Me: Witty!!!
*Everyone turns and stares at me with weird looks on their faces*
Me: *turns into awkward potato and rolls away*
Didn't get 10 favs but I'm eager to start the story so heres the list. All you need to do is comment your name and the part youd like to have.
All You Need Is Love
1. Main character/ In love with Niall
2. Louis' girlfriend
3. Harry's crush
4.Niall's bestfriend/girlfriend
5. Main character's bestfriend/Zayn's love interest
6. Liam's girlfriend
7. Harry's girlfriend/ex
8. Paul's niece/ bestfriend of the boys

May the odds be ever in your favor:)