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UnstoppableChaos's Favorite Quotes

A little voice came on the phone,  

said, "Daddy, when you coming home?"

He said the first thing that came to his mind

I'm already there. 

 Take a look around,

  I'm the sunshine in your hair

I'm the shadow on the ground

I'm the whisper in the wind

I'm your imaginary friend

And I know I'm in your prayers

Oh, I'm already there.


I wonder what it feels like

right before you jump off the edge,

knowing your life is going to end.


*Seductively lays on a table* Hey bab-
*Table breaks*

The nicest people I've ever
met were covered in
tattoos and piercings. The
most judgemental people
I've met are the ones who
go to church every Sunday.


are thousands of miles apart can make you feel better     than     people    right     beside    you


Other girls; Puts on smokey eye makeup *Looks like sexgod* 

Me; Puts on smokey eye makeup *Hello raccoons I believe we're family*

Did you know that cats rub their faces
against things

that they claim as their territory so if they rub against your face
you've just been named an honorary member of that cat’s family
like wow thank you cat

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
I want to hit you with my car 
Throw you off a tree so high

Hope you snap your neck and die

a lot of my life

has been realizing that i would

cross oceans

for people who wouldn't

jump puddles for me