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UnstoppableChaos 9 months ago on quote #6636072
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OH LORD THIS DAMN SONG!! I haven't heard in YEARS and it makes me think deeply every time. My boyfriend and I don't see each other often and I tell him something similar.

Look around love. You see the blue walls of our room? They are my eyes. You feel the warmth of the air? Its my hugs. Hear the house settling? Thats me walking around at night because I cant sleep. Just look around love. Im in everything.
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UnstoppableChaos 9 months ago on quote #6858602
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Drown - The Neighborhood
Drown - Tyler Joseph
Genocide - Lil Darkie
do re me - Blackbear
Me Against You - Three Days Grace
Voodoo - Ghost Town
The Village - Wrabel
Dance With The Devil - Breaking Benjamin
Trama - NF
Nate - NF
Intro 3 - NF
Raised By Wolves - U2
Demons - Jacob Lee
Shoot Me Down - Dimond Pistols
Glitter and Gold - Barns Courtney
Bullet - Hollywood Undead
Far From Home (The Raven) - Sam Tinnesz
Sing For Me - Yellowcard
Blood on My Name - The Brothers Bright
Die Younge - Grandson
Why Worry - Set It Off
Air Catcher - Twenty One Pilots

man. I cant...
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