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I'm 14
                 I'm Cody Simpson's superangel <3
Gymnast, dancer, &&laxbroo
Love photography;)
Love love love my bestfriends:)

I'd be nowhere without you giirls<3

And I love

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My best friend's sister has cancer, called Lymphoma. She had a heart infection when she was 11, and got a new heart, but the medicine she took gave her the cancer. After she got off the kemo, the medicine stopped working for her and she lost her pulse for almost an hour 2 times. Now, they took her off all of the medicine and they are waiting for her to die... now my best friend doesn't believe there is any hope.

one <3 = one prayer.

Comes twice a day,
because everyone deserves
A second chance


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The most important conversation you can have 
Is the one between your  fingers
and his  skin

I had a six pack


But then I ate the poptart



everything has an end,
except for fam(ily)
which means:
I Love You

Hey, Remember Me?

The one you told all of your problems to? The one that would show up to your house with no warning just cause I was bored? Remember that   day in kindergarden; pajama day; when we became best friends? That was about 10 years ago... and now you treat me like a stranger. I know it's hard for you, but you used to tell me all your problems and I helped you, but now you just don't seem to care anymore.. </3 i miss my bestfriend...


Hey, so like I kind of lost my number...

Can have yours?(;

The teachers call it cheating,
But we call it teamwork
Knowing Lady Gaga when she was Baby Gaga
Knowing 50 Cent when he was just a nickel
Knowing Eminem when he was friends with skittles