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I luv one direction




ur maths skills r terrible lyrics:
Ur Insecure SO half of 4 ur old brains and i dont know what they were befo-o-ore and 2 3's is fine 4 us were still young so we still remember stu-fu-uf every1 else can mulitiply by 60 every1 else can add 2 now take off 100 and add 24 then divide 2 and em 7 more and if ur struggling now its not hard 2 tell u dont know ur MATH SKILLS ARE TERRIBLE if  only u had a mind like me u b able 2 divide the sum by 3 (sum by 3) subract the age of OAP! (bloooow) u dont know oh oh ur math skills are terrible oh oh Its really kinda pitiful

(C) ScrollBox_Maker

No Jimmy Protested! 

*weird accent* to much energy juice!(zayn♥)


"the boys have told me to be more serious"

5 minutes later

i just think that supermaaaaaaaaaaaaaan

Put this on ur profile if u eat just as much as Niall Horan

A fan gave Zayn a book called "Why Smoking Is Bad For You" And zayn broke down in tears, Hugging her say I'm SO SORRY! AWWWWW thats so bittersweet... (he needs a girlfriend )

Its R Its R Its R...

(im not putting the full quote above because i dont want directionators to know its like the ultimate directioner question)

Get outta my kitchen

to the  tune of Gotta B U:

Hazza and Lou, Wrong Sized Shoe, its


Scooby Dooo



comment on my guestbook if u truthfully like the boys for there personality a hundred times more than the looks

(i do)

I love our boys!

My Loves: Niall James Horan, Zayn Jawaad Malik, Louis William Tomlinson, Harry Edward Styles, and Liam James Payne♥

Simple but effective


Harry Harry give me some of your Gravy!

LNL that fangirl was Syco! p.s. i spelt sysco like that cuz thats like the name of simon cowel's record label that they signed on2!

"I was tired,i was boreing, and i was wearing a christmas hat"~Harry

Louis: *imiatating Zayn* hey im a bradford badboy yo"

Zayn: UGH! i dont even say that anymore

baby, you light up my world like nobody else
Hi there Im a DIrectioner iF u r one add me. add me on stardoll my username is CuteBlackBat
^Theyre Perfect!
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if you..then fa-


If you step onto a plane and recognize a friend of yours named Jack don't yell out Hi Jack!
I logged onto to Witty. And You know how many notifications I got?


today we had an assembly on

bullying, Then in 6th PEriod, my

history teacher was talking about it:

Her: I think that Im speaking for

every adult on campus, We are

here to keep you safe, You guys may

think that were just adults but weve

been what you've been through. Iv

e been hit, hurt, and cut by bullies. It

doesnt always hurt just physically,

thoguh. ANd my door is always

oipen t o talk i rarely dont anser

immediatly. HTe only time was when

I was crying but I eventaully opened

the door.


Today, A boy

that I just

barely knew

said I was Ugly.

I know it's true but you dont have to say it.


This is Anna. Anna sees a quote she likes, so she favorites it.
Anna is good. We like Anna.


This is Lacey. Lacey sees a quote she likes, so she copies the code and adds it as her own quote.
Lacey is bad. We don't like Lacey.
1d fan fic


I looked up at the leaves falling. This is the time of the year when children and teens dress up as something they're not, for one night of the year. Halloween. I smiled remembering my secret childhood costumes. I sat there on the bench waiting for my mother to pick me up. I've realized that I've been here awhile, so I checked my phone. I can feel a smiles spread across my face as the familiar picture of Liam, Zayn, Louis, Niall and Harry lit up on my screen. My thumb and index finger danced across the screen as I logged on to Wattpad, Facebook, and Witty profiles. Some friend requests popped up, some new followers arrived, and That-Awkward_Potato posted. A familiar noise sounded and displayed: "New Text Message from Nikki" I opened up my text messages and looked at the words on the screen: "Call me when you get home, I have important news to tell you :)"  

************Bella gets home.***************"Hello, Nikki?" I said in my phone. "Yeah, hold on." Replied a comforting voice. "Umm, can I come over?" Nikki asked in a mild, but yet, pleading voice. I thought for a moment. "Yeah, I think so. My mother isn't home and I'm sure that my mother doesnt mind." ********** I fiddled with the end of my phone case to past time until Nikki arrives. *Ding Dong* I perked right up, practically running to the door. Nikki and two other faces were looking at me with a smile plastered on their faces. "I see you brought friends." I said. Nikki, Gracie, and Jozie were in my doorway. "Where is Alijah?" I asked curiously. "Oh, her and her mother are out of town at some wedding." I noticed that Nikki nudged Gracie in the stomach. "Ok, here's the deal." We were sitting on the couch now. "We've known each other for 3 years, right?" Gracie deliberately paused for my response. "Right..." I confirmed in a suspicious voice. "So, we know that your birthday is next week, and we wanted to get you something incredible for your 18th birthday." The corners of Gracie's lips had rised. I was confused at where they were getting at. "What cha' get me, a One Direction bedset? Take me home, which is early? Another shirt? Just tell me!" I pleaded. Gracie whispered: "1. 2. 3." All 3 of them exclaimed: "Your going with us to L.A. To meet One Direction!" A shriek attempted to escape my lips, but it didn't make a sound. A darkness filled my mind, until it was to overwhelming. The floor swept from under me.