Status: i'm hurting, but i'm alive. that has to count for something.
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my name is claire and i'm 16. i live in utah and i'm mormon. but let me tell you, i'm not like every other mormon out there. so, please don't judge me. i believe in love above everything else.
stay strong, love.
i'm here if you ever need to talk. love you all.

Quotes by sassmaster*

I'm just a shadow of the girl I used to be.

We were supposed to be together,
what happened?

If you're looking for love, know that love don't live here anymore. He left with my heart and walked through that door without me. As I look back, chapter one: we started happy.
The second that you said you loved me,  I started questioning us.
We were really in love?

I thought I had found a love that was going to last,
but you went around and did what you wanted to.
Now, I don't even know you anymore.

My problem is that I'm still in love with the old you.

I say I don't love him,

but there's a hole in my heart when he isn't around.

a year of starvation, of pain, of crying, of loneliness, of sadness, of love, of anger, and of desperation.
it's finally time to say goodbye,
and move on.
new years?
finally a good enough reason to start over,
and leave my pain in the past.

"I really don't love him, dad."
"Stop lying to yourself, it'll only hurt worse in the end."

But dad, all he does is hurt me.
It is worth it? {Yes.}



the worst part is..
[i'm trapped in a place i've built myself.]
i just want to break free.
[so i will. you can too.]