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don't worry b hapieeeee:))))

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i hope when you think

of hapiness you think of me..


Things I want from him

    I want him to EXIST.....

forever alone:(






        that awkward moment


           when your favourite character from

              harry potter is

        severus snape    






        and out of all these things i have done i think i love you better now.


OMG my life is now complete!!





            that awkward moment

            when the moment is so awkward you can't even mention it!




curiosity killed the cat and insecurity killed the girl

' watch my face as i pretend to feel no pain......... '

my crush asked my cousin out........
and i am like ya its cool go out wit him its nt like i am in love wit him...O_O...


things are going;
terribly wrong when
all you feel like doing is
cryng o.o