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Hey there!! My name is Valentina but you can call me Val and I am 15 years old. I am half British and half French. I was born in Paris!!♥

  I like: Listening to music, watching movies, making new friends, dancing singing, spend time online, going out, reading books, One Direction, The wanted, Les Miserables, LoL(lOTS OF LOVE) , Volleyball, summer, swimming, spend time with my friends and boyfriend and many many other things!

I dislike: Fake friends, liars, jealous people, people who judge you from what you wear, like or do, buggy trousers, out of fashion clothes, bad music, Justin Bieber, Madona...!

 Follow me and speak to me! Don't Worry I don't bite!! :P


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Quotes by ValentinaT

I wonder if you ever

just stop and think

"Man I miss her!"

Soft and warm
Sealed with care
Sweet and kind
Will ever share
Brave and strong
Yet so fair
That is her
She's always there
Have you ever imagine you life without....



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No.....thats all a teenager wants!
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