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                         HHello Friendship!:) If you read all of this you are GORGEOUS! If not, you're still GORGEOUS! My name is Kylie:) I live in Utah. I am 14 years old. I graced this  earth with my presence on April 24. I am currently  taken 2-03-12<3. His name is Tom and he is the most sweet, funny, nice, adorable, AMAZING gentleman ever. I go to T.h. bell Jr. High. and i am in ninth  grade. My best friend is scarlettladybug328!:)


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Quotes by Vampgirl101

               I just feel so...
Me: I just crave chocolate.
Mom: It's because you are on your period.
Dad: Then what'smy excuse?

                                     Breath on behalf of me. Help me to live.
                                      If that isnt love, I don't know what is.


Voldemort: Nice wig Albus whats it made of?
Albus: Your moms nose hair!



I won't 
Give up on us. Even if times get rough   

Hey witty girls!
 I am doing a survey on things girls love that guys do, and things that girls hate. If you could please take a few minutes and comment something you love that guys do and something you hate. I will be making a youtube video on this topic. Thankyou so much:)  

I Would lose weight but...
 I hate losing  


When you eat a food that's to hot and you start breathing like a retarted dragon.


                       Taking a Survey.

                             Fave for Android.
                             Comment for Iphone.

*Before witty*
 Friends: Why are you so strange?
*After witty*
 Friends: *Non-existent from lack of socail life*