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Quotes by Vampire123

Hey, hey you, yeah you I like your face
I wish you would notice me more.
I'm slowly disappearing.
I think I may be bisexual, but I'm so scared of telling my parents. What shout I do?

I ship us to the moon and back

    F O R M A T    C R E D: _Janette   | DON'T REMOVE PLEASE
Hunger Games: Catching Fire comes out this week!!!!!!!
Admit it, we're all lonley cat people
I have glow in the dark skelton earings. ^-^
If you wish apon a star, that to bad. Because the star is dead just like your dreams.
Did you know that there is 1 in 160,000 chance since Jesus time that you would be born in the U.S in the 21st Centery. Congrats to all Americans!
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