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Quotes by Vampire123

Some nights I stay up cashing in my bad luck. -Some Nights by fun.
I'm trying to make a new vid. Any ideas?
I was going to write a quote,
then I forgot it.
I'm a dino so rawr and stuff
     Lol. Wat??
Sometimes I just want to disappear. Not die. Just disapper.

This my anti-bullying "club" if anyone wants to join.
When someone is hurting you, think of why they are doing it.
They may have something in THEIR lives that is wrong.
Like their parents abuse them, or ther parents are going
through a divorce, or someone in their life just died.
They are just looking for someone to blame.
If you know someone like this, ask them what's wrong,
it might just change their life.

This is a facebook page I made for teens to give and get advice. Please like it.
I'm bored, Somebody talk to me?
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