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I'm NOT asking for comments. I need help. I'm writing a book and it's called "Life of a Teenage Girl" and I need characters (with some background) and what they do. I'll post the main character later.
All those people, children, in the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary in CT.
None of us will ever know what that man was thinking as he did what he did.
All we seem to do is hate, and hate, and spurn the man.
But I'm sending out a prayer for those kids, teachers, staff, principle, all those who died today.
I pray for the families of these people, for friends, for those who saw it happen, for everyone.

Today a man in China stabbed twenty-two students.
I pray for all those people, all those kids, all who were hurt by this attack.
I pray for their families, for those effected.
I still wonder what made him do this.

A man shoot people in a mall just yesterday.
I pray that we soon understand why.
I pray that it doesn't happen again, but it will.

Last week a boy killed his girlfriend.
So much death around us.
So much violence.
So much hate.

Put your name here to tell people that you stand against violence, that you want peace, and most of all that you have these same prayers as me. Because no matter what, God has a plan, and Satan will try to stand in and cut off the peace and happiness that we work hard to creat. I will start the chain, the question is, will you add your name?

Sarebobo        <3

It's so fluffy I'm going to die!

~Dispicaple me
To everybody in Newtown, Connectict,

you are in our hearts and minds


I'm doing a presntaion for bullying,
I was wondering if some of you are willing
to let me share your story so people
can have a better understanding.
If you are willing, send me your story and a picture of your self on my profile.
Please and Thank you


Just a lonely girl,

Not your Juilet.

You'd rather kill me

than love me!

I live in a lonely world

all by myself




I will never smile

nor will i grin

Never be the greatest

but always the worst

By:lillan122 leave creadit

If you need advice,
I'm here for you.
If you have a problem,
I'm here for you.
If you just need to talk,
I'm here for you.
If you need a friend,
I'm here for you.


I think us girls are to hard on guys.
I mean, we all have our expectations
of what our "perfect" guy is, but some
of the best love stories just happen.
Without girls wanting a lot from a guy.
Why can't we just don't care and wait for a guy who we connect to and have fun with



Bing means
"Because it's
not google"
Who knew?

Note to self #1
Don't let any I don't
know into my house.
They might be a
evil monkey trying
to steal my bananas

Shall I make more?

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