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:: The Obvious Stuff :: Name: Vanessa Age: 14 Birthday: September 9th Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: bright blue Height: 5'6" Best Friend/s: Amanda*Cara*Jenna*James*Breandan*Tim :: The Favorites :: Color: pink & yellow Actor: Actress(s): christina millian People: all my friends!! Singer(s): Ciara, Eminem, Missy Elliot, 50cent, Nelly Song(s): 1, 2 Step & Lose My Breath Food: stir fry Sport(s): Baseball, Basketball, Soccer, Football and dance ((break dancing)) Baseball Team: RED SOX.. all the way!

Quotes by VanaBella

©Boy i cant understand it.
see i never really felt
like i did when i'm around you baby
and i just cant explain it
but i'm feeling so high
and i just cant deny
its all y o u
i know its better
when the rhythm works together
with the beat in your soul
did i ever tell you
how you make me feel
every night you're out of control.©


put © in the font ((symbols))
put the writing in the font ((vivaldi))
make your backround ((dull light pink))
and make your lettering ((white))
**It Looks Wicked Cute**
When You Fall In Love With A Friend.. Your Friendship Has Been Set On Fire
*Love Is Friendship Set On Fire*
<------When we laugh or we cry it's together------>
/*/*/Through the rain and the stormiest weather\*\*\
.:We gon still be as one it's forever, it's forever:.

*nice pants.. may i test the zipper?*
'->To The World You Are Just One Person, But To One Person You Could Mean The World<-'
I'm getting lil' tired of ur broken promises </3
[*]As We Go On
[*]We Remember
[*]All The Times We've
[*]Had Together
[*]As Our Lives Change
[*]Come Whatever
[*]We Will Still Be
[*]Friends Forever

dedicated to Amanda

A*wesomest Chik You'll Eva Meet
A*ll Mine!!

Dedicated To My #1 Best... MANDA!!

-->I hAvE a LoT oF fRiEnDs... BuT i HaVe OnE bEsT fRiEnD, aNd I'd GiVe AwAy AlL mY oThEr FrIeNdS tO hAvE hEr... AnD tHaT bEsT fRiEnD iS yOu!<--

-Dedicated to My #1 Best.. Manda!!