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i like this photo :33


Pics are big because i take them from tumblr (my acc.)
Hair -_-
Smiles and kisses :3 BEST COMBINATION
Waiting for friend :3 Here is an advice


Quotes by VanaWenice


that it's so hard to tell him you love him.That you think of him of the first moment you saw him, touch him or speak to him.It's so hard to tell him what you really feel.Hardest thing is all your memories, what you want to say him you remember and you will never forget it.Mostly hard is when silence is on. When he is thinking about your words.Hardest thing for him is he will most decide to love you or leave you.But if he leave you, he will broke your heart. It is hard to forget him now.It is too late to turn away.But if u didn't tell him, how long you will scream in yourself.How long you will pain seeing him with other girls?How many times you will die in yourself till you don't tell him.But you must try.Say him exacly what are you feeling.Talk about all memories and days with him.He will realize that you really love him, and that he loves you,but it was hidden in his deepest part of brain.Try it.Try it because i didn't.I didn't say him how much i love him.And now, it is too late...You can't wait for another chance...

format made by: vana wenice


I need a vacation. Of summer...
Of friends...
Of family...
Just me and my poor witty profile.
I guess witty will be here when i die because mosquitos -_-
R.I.P. Nesa!

*on JB. concert in front line :)*
*JB shows hand on me and take me on the stage*
swagg , swagg swagg on you
ME: OHH *__*
*he say somethin to me*
*after 5 sc.*
ME: YUKK! It is smell bad! AAARRR!!

*Someone take chocolate of my hands and start to eat it.*
Me: Give me the chocolate and...
Me:and nobody get's hurt or i will...
Me: Or i will smash it in your face and then..
SOMEONE: And then you will not get the chocolate.
*Yes, he cross me -_- Mada faka!*

You got that one thing ;3     
     are  acting  lik e 


   someone   other



FORMAT BY: VanaWenice

TEACHER: where's your homework?

STUDENT: written in the stars..
TEACHER: where?!
STUDENT: a million miles away..
TEACHER: what was it about?
STUDENT: a message to the main..
TEACHER: you were suppose to do it on seasons!
STUDENT: ohhhhhh!..
TEACHER: so what do you even know about seasons?
STUDENT: seasons come and go..
TEACHER: your so annoying!
STUDENT: but i will never change..
TEACHER: detention, NOW!
STUDENT: and im on my waaay!


Sometimes, i wish that

you find happiness

without other girl's love.

I'm on wattpad too :) IT IS ALMOST BETTER THAN WITTY find me and be my friend :D
It is funny that people who see your picture, already have opinion about you ;) 
Some girl i don't know from my school: 
Hey, i luv your photos!You areeee soooo preeettyyyy
Me: *looking her weird* well, thanks! 
Some girl i don't know from my school: Omg it is her -__-Omg you are ugly stupid spoiled brat. 
Me on some web page: Who you are to telling me what i am.You saw me once in life.It is not enough to make opinion about me. So stop talking about me.Find your life somewhere but leave me.What i've do in my life that i must apologize to you, a total stranger in my life?
*after 15 min.*
On some web page
Anonymus: Omg don't lie.You are stuuuuppppiiiiiddd...You need a plastic surgery.
Anonymus: You are in right!! Keep your opinion for yourself, if you don't want to say something good.
Anonymus: -_- shut up... Stupid ugly ugly ugly girl ;*
Anonymus: You are beautiful no matter what they say.
Anonymus: Don't listen they.Haters make you famouse!
Anonymus: You are so fckin stupid.Ugly.Weird.Why are you living at all?
Anonymus: UGLY.
Anonymus: The same situtation at all people.They are jelaus.They will never tell it in your face.

REALLY? I mean, internet change people.They all have become hypocrites, they think they can talk about others because they know the name?