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i like this photo :33


Pics are big because i take them from tumblr (my acc.)
Hair -_-
Smiles and kisses :3 BEST COMBINATION
Waiting for friend :3 Here is an advice


Quotes by VanaWenice


that it's so hard to tell him you love him.That you think of him of the first moment you saw him, touch him or speak to him.It's so hard to tell him what you really feel.Hardest thing is all your memories, what you want to say him you remember and you will never forget it.Mostly hard is when silence is on. When he is thinking about your words.Hardest thing for him is he will most decide to love you or leave you.But if he leave you, he will broke your heart. It is hard to forget him now.It is too late to turn away.But if u didn't tell him, how long you will scream in yourself.How long you will pain seeing him with other girls?How many times you will die in yourself till you don't tell him.But you must try.Say him exacly what are you feeling.Talk about all memories and days with him.He will realize that you really love him, and that he loves you,but it was hidden in his deepest part of brain.Try it.Try it because i didn't.I didn't say him how much i love him.And now, it is too late...You can't wait for another chance...

format made by: vana wenice

And after all this memories
  i still think there is something...
mean that ...
     you   must   hug him

   you    must    speak him


    love  him  

 But what if...You just  have some hidden emotions?
*Listening music loud on beach*
Stranger: Hey, slow down you are on the beach!
*he say it with funny accent.So i get him wrong*
Me: I'm not , your mother is!
*i just realized what i say.and i realized that stranger said beach , not*
Stranger: what!?Could you come a little bit!!?
*i pick up my things*
Me: Oh sorry.I'm late.Tell your mum to make me apple pie.Thank you!

that's the reason why i hate tourists on beachs

Oh, I'm sorry
 because i'm not living my life how you want i live.Can you please tell me how i must die, too.
Some wittian: omfgg 1000 followers thank youuuuuuuu!!!thankk youu soo muchhh wittiansss!!!yeeeyyy


Money can't buy happines, but it can buy nutella.

When life gives you a lemon, throw it on people.

I'd like to be an octopus.Then i coud slap 8 people at once

If u love water, you love 70% me

 "Never'trust guy who say he is different ?" I asked.
I followed that advice. I really thought it maybe can be true.One day, my bf say "I'm sorry but, i am such a different...We should break up...And please don't fall in love with me... You deserve a better guy." I was broken. That day, i followed him. He was going at some weird place.Full of emos.I was scared a little bit.Then, some nigggggaa comes to him.He pull the gun.IDK why but he pulled gun.It was just like RA PAM! I ran to him.He were hurt in leg.Everybody ran.I stay.I didn't get a phone then, i left it at home.I just remember him sentence: I'm different.- He wasn't . He was such a hooneeyyyy.She just wanna protect me of his friends. I ask some  men to borrow his phone.After 10 minnutes, emergency help comes.They take him to hospital.They say that he went well.When they took him, he whispered to me:
 i love you
And i decided that i will never listen friends.They don't know what true love means.Actually , they are different.Not us.Just love winns.

Love.The only reason why we live. Reason how we made and reason in what we will die.                  


Money can buy happiness...

but what if you don't have  money anymore?
i really thought that it will be soooooo hard.But then i learn.All money you spend on chlotes , mosqito will bite. The newest IPhone you buy , it will be broken if you just left it  down.So................................

nutella is the only happiness in our lifes *____* Not the only, but some kind of it. ♥
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