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i like this photo :33


Pics are big because i take them from tumblr (my acc.)
Hair -_-
Smiles and kisses :3 BEST COMBINATION
Waiting for friend :3 Here is an advice


Quotes by VanaWenice

*someone looking at me*
*it makes me nervouse*
Me: Hey stranger, I'm not only in the world!
Stranger: Scuza, I'm looking this hotel.It's have a great lemonade.
*So awkward.*
Me: Oh, i didn't talk to you.
*looking for someone behind*
Stranger: But I'm only on this side of beach.
Me: Yeah.I must go.Bye bye
*picking up my things and going*
Stranger: G.Goodbye?!
Me: Dad  can i please go to beach with friend and then to shopping?
Dad: No way.You spend a lot of money in 3 days.
Me: Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddddd
Dad: I'm right behind you.I can hear you here.

I ate a


R.I.P diet 

I Love you more than Chocolat
AND more than gummy bears

♥ When i listen song and remember some of unforgetible moments ... I feel so depressive.  

Fave it if u... You were confused 
when you join witty for the first time.
Sometimes, changes are good.


I love ya
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