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hey c:

Quotes by Vanessa15*

He looked at her like he finally realized what love is.

It doesn't make much sense to stay , 
But i need the pain to feel okay 

  "Shes trying to sleep it off, but
     I think we both know better."

    - (via theproblemswithmissingyou)  

 // The blood is on your tongue

aswell as your hands //

"She said how can i relate to somebody who doesnt speak
i feel like I'm just treading water
Is it the same for you?"

 // the 1975 // 

   pills and potions
     were overdosing
        i'm angry but
            i still love you


   live a life of love and find the
      the light in all things


   dont let little stupid 
   things break your 


"What is depression like?"
 he whispered "it's like 
   drowning except you can
  see everyone around you

  bandaids dont fix bullet
  holes you say sorry just
  for show