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One Love<3

A One Diretion Love Story

Chapter Three

We drove to the hospitle and when we got their we were greeted by a woman.. or a man, I couldn't really tell a difference.
"Oh, yes, it seems that you sprained your wrist."
"See Harry! What you did to me!?" I started to get really angry
"Jessica, I'm so sorry! Please forgive me?" 
I just rolled my eyes 
"You will have to wear this brace until it heals."
She handed me a black brace, and blue trimming the edges.
I put it on and walked out.
Niall, Me, Liam, Louis', and Zayn  went back in my car,
Harry and Lauren went back in Harry's.
All the ride home I was wondering what they would be talking 

**When we got back**

It was almost 1:00 am, so we said our goodbyes and left.
When we got home, we both layed down on the sofa, and fell alseep.

**Next day**

I woke up before Lauren, so I got ready for the day.
I went and put on shorts, a daisy crop top, black Vans, and a black and red snapback. I let my hair down, all natural, and I changed my iPhone case to a One Direction case. I was all ready.
Lauren was awake when I got done getting ready and she look gorgeous. She had on a short, polka dot dress, white converse and a bow necklace. She curled her hair and put on sparkly lip gloss.
"Good morning beautiful." She said while walking down the stairs.
"Good morning to you too."
We had both planned on going to the mall today
, and were ready to go.
I opened the front door just to find five lost puppys standing there.
"Hello, what are you guys doing here?"
They just kinda looked at eachother, then Niall spoke up.
"We're so sorry about your wrist, and we wanted to make it up to you guys."
"Well we actually have."
 Niall grabbed my waist and picked me up.
"Niall what did I say about this!" I yelled
I kicked around everywhere for a while then just gave up.
After a while he sat me down, next to Lauren and Harry, on the edge of a river. Harry and Lauren were holding hands, it was to cute.
"Awh! Do we have a couple!?" I said mokingly
Their faces turned red and the coughed and looked around
"What? Pshh!! No... What?" Harry said
"Oh looked at that tree!" Lauren said 'Lets go look at it Harry."
They left me and Niall alone.
"So, Jessica, I had a lot of fun yesterday, and I wanted to know if you would like to do it again sometime?"
"Oh, you mean sprain my wrist? Yeah I'd love to."
"No not that, I mean."
"Yeah I knew what you meant."
He brushed the hair out of my face and leaned toward me.
Thanks for reading(:
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 One Love

A One Direction Love story

Chapter two

"What?!" was all I was able to say
"You heard me. Just stay here when it's over and they will come out to you." Paul said in reply
"I told you they would notice us!!" Lauren said mocking me.

**After the concert**

Lauren and I stood around, waiting for the boys for about five minutes,
thats when I heard the beautiful voice of Harry.
"Hello lovelys." Harry smiled, shaking both of out hands and kissing Lauren on the cheek. "How are you today?" He asked
"I-I'm wonderful." Lauren said, barely being able to speak.
The rest of the boys shook our hands, and we continued with the conversation.
"How about we go backstage and sit?" Niall suggested 
"Sure." Lauren said
Niall grabed my hand and led me backstage.
I let out a small gasp.
"Tell us about your selves?" Louis' said
Lauren jumped in before I could say anything.
"Well, I'm Lauren, and that's all you need to know for now, because it's not like we're getting married or anything. Ha ha."
"What about blondie? You have'nt said a word." Niall said looking toward me
"Well I'm not the only blonde one you know? And my name is Jessica, but you can call me Jess." I gave a cheeky grin
"How old are you girls?" Zayn asked looking around
"Well I'm 18, almost 19, Lauren just turned 18."
"So you girls are old enough to do 'fun' stuff?" Harry winked
"Umm..yeah. We don't live with our parents anymore so they wouldn't care." I said bitting my lip
"Let us show you girls something." They stood up and walked through a door, we followed.
 "Oh.My.Gosh. Guys!!" I said yelling
"Tahh daa!!!" Liam screamed "It's a ball pit!!"
"But there is a catch..." Louis' said grabbing something out of a drawer
"You have to wear these...."
He handed us some skimpy bathing suits, and told us tp put them on.
We said "Okay, whatever." and told them to get out so we could change.
Mine was a teal color and Lauren's had polka dots on it.
"I look like a sl/t!" I yelled from behind the closed doors.
"We don't care! Just let us see!!" Niall yelled
We opened the doors and took a step back.
All the boys had on matchinng swim suits.
"Lets go." Liam said running through the doors
Niall grabed me by the waist and threw me over his sholder, as did
Harry to Lauren.
"Put me down! I weigh to much for this!"
"If you say so..."
He threw me down in the ball pit and jumped on top of me.
"Gosh Niall!! What do you eat!!"
I pushed him off of me and stood up. Liam grabbed me by the ankle
and pulled me down.
"Oh, no you didn't!"
I slapped Liam on the chest, leaving a big, red handprint.
"Ow.... That hurt..." He said rubbing his chest.
I looked over to where Lauren and Harry were at, and Harry had Lauren pinned down.
I yelled.
I tried my best to run over to her, but I just fell on my face.
"Ha ha ha." Harry laughed at me while help Lauren up.
"Just be a gentalman and help me up."
He grabbed my wrist and pulled me up quickly.
I heard something pop. and felt pain right away.
"Ow Harry! That hurt!"
I looked down to my wrist and saw that something was not right.
It started to swell up really big and was throbing with pain.
"I think we need to take you to the hospitile.
Thanks for reading(: I hope you liked it(:
Bathing suits:
This feels like falling in love,
One Love <3

A One Direction Love story

Chapter One

"Jess, I need your Opinion on this outfit." Lauren said stepping out to where i could see her. She looked beautiful.
She had on skinny jeans, a batman shirt, coverd with a varsity jacket, black converse, and a cross ring that covered to of her fingers.She had wavy hair that went past her shoulders, and did layered eye shadow.
"You look gorgeous!!" I said walking toward her
"I didn't over do it or anything?"
"No you look perfect!"
I, my self still had to get ready, Lauren and I were going to a One Direction concert. We were absolutly in love with them, we saved up our money, and we had enough to get front row tickets!
I walked to the bathroom and continued to get ready. I put on shorts, and wild child tee, gray Vans and an arrow wrap ring to top it off. I left my blonde hair down and wavy, and did sparkly, light pink, eye shadow. I grabbed my Hollister backpack, the tickets, and my car keys, and we left.
"I'm so excited about this! What if they notice us!?" Lauren asked while hitting my thigh repeatedly.
"We're just another group of fans." I said keeping my eyes on the road
"We probably won't get to meet them."
The rest of the ride we both were silent
"I'm sorry Lauren."
"It's okay." She gave me a smile "Bestfriends forever right?"
"Bestfreidns forever."
Me and Lauren got out of my RAV and walked through the doors right to the front row.
You could hear all of the fans yelling to eachother before the concert began.
The light began to dim and everyone clapped.
"It's starting!" I said to Lauren
I heard the beat to Live While We're Young, and saw the boys run out on to the stage.
By instinict I started to sing a long.
"Hey girl I'm waiting on yah, I'm waiting on yah, come on and let me sneek you out!"
The whole crowd began to sing a long as well.
I looked up on the stage and saw the boys attempting to dance. I giggled and continued having fun. Me and Lauren jumped around for a while until Little Things came on. Everyone was silent. Me and Lauren held up our iPhones and waved them back and forth.
I looked over to Niall, who I had a sweet spot for, and he looked back to me. I had a mini heartattack over this. He winked to me and I swear I died!
I saw Paul walking over to me and Lauren and I started to get chills.
"Lauren! Look who is coming over here!!"
"Oh my gosh!! Its Paul!! Act natural."
We just stood there for a while looking around like a bunch of idiots, then he go to us.
"Excuse me ladys, but the boys would like to see you after the concert."
My jaw dropped.
Thanks for reading!! Hope you liked it(:

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I'm shy at first.... but then
I do the stupidest
random crap when I get 
comfortable with someone.

Mission Impossible:
Not eating a french Fry on the way
home from the drive thru.
Alarm Clocks,
because nothing says
"Good Morning!"
Quite like a
heart attack.
That awkward moment when
it's quiet in class and your
stomach decides to sound
like a dying whale.
That awkward moment when a faceless,
emotionless, white mannequin can
pull off an outfit better than you.
I'm never gunna give you up,
never gunna let you down,
never going to run around
and desert you.

Never gunna make you cry,
never gunna say goodbye,
never gunna tell a lie
and hurt you.