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People i admire :Lana del rey , Porcupine tree, Radiohead taylor swift , Albert einstein and many more ...

Things i love :Music lover,
Storyteller,Art ,Cooking ,Travelling ,Engineer by profession ,Optimist,Dreamer,Dog lover ,A joker ....basically I'm fun ;p
Things i keep thinking about : travelling to ICELAND , the ocean and its mystery , what are we here for ? ,dolphins ...etc etc 

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kik: vicky7491 (if you feel like talking im always there :) )



Quotes by vikas shrivastav*

i like to make people happy , not because i love people ....but to compensate the enormous numbers of as$holes all around ....if you think they're too strong and too many , join me and make this world better ...atleast a little ....
best we can do is try 
its very simple ,just make others smile , it doesnt cost you a single penny !
Start now and see the difference in your own life :)
Love is rare, Life is strange, Nothing last, people change.
The lonliest people are the kindest. 
The saddest people smile the brightest.
The most damaged are the wisest .
All because they do not want to see anyone else suffer the way they do .
Funny is how life is :/
Maybe they'll never pay for what they did ,maybe they won't suffer for what they did...maybe they'll be happy forever even after doingthose things to you but .....
It doesn't mean you won't suffer after doingthose things to someone else
i want 'YOU' to read this :


I am the one you've been waiting for since forever now. First things first, I am sorry. Sorry to keep you waiting, sorry that I am making you question your faith in love, sorry that you had to go through all those heartbreaks, and most importantly, sorry for not writing to you sooner.

I know you've been questioning my existence, but trust me, I am right here. I am the one you hurriedly passed by in the metro this morning, the one that Facebook keeps reminding you of adding in the People You Might Know suggestions, the one you met at your friend's party, yes the one who could not take eyes off because you looked beautiful, or the one you met at the mall, I am right here.

I know there have been times when you've been lonely and fed up of waiting for 'the one', when you wanted to give in to temptation, to quick thrills, when you had no one to talk to about your sorrows, and when you felt you had nothing to look forward to.


I just want to thank you for being patient, for waiting for me, and for not giving up on love.

But I also want you to know that I am working on becoming a better person. So that by the time I meet you, I am the best version of myself. And I hope you are too. 

I can't wait to listen to all your stories from when I was not around, to touch your face and feel your heartbeat, to kiss your forehead, to hold you close and to tell you how long I've waited for this day. But until then, be patient, because I really am just around the corner.  



Someday I will walk away and say, “You f**ckin disappoint me,”
Maybe you’re better off this way
Excerpts from "How to be Perfect"  

Get some sleep.

Eat an orange every morning.

Be friendly. It will help make you happy.

Hope for everything. Expect nothing.

Take care of things close to home first. Straighten up your room
before you save the world. Then save the world.
Be nice to people before they have a chance to behave badly.

Don't stay angry about anything for more than a week, but don't
forget what made you angry. Hold your anger out at arm's length
and look at it, as if it were a glass ball. Then add it to your glass 
ball collection.

Wear comfortable shoes.

Do not spend too much time with large groups of people.

Plan your day so you never have to rush.

Show your appreciation to people who do things for you, even if
you have paid them, even if they do favors you don't want.

After dinner, wash the dishes.

Calm down.

Don't expect your children to love you, so they can, if they want 

Don't be too self-critical or too self-congratulatory.

Don't think that progress exists. It doesn't.

Imagine what you would like to see happen, and then don't do
anything to make it impossible.

Forgive your country every once in a while. If that is not 
possible, go to another one.

If you feel tired, rest.

Don't be depressed about growing older. It will make you feel 
even older. Which is depressing.

Do one thing at a time.

If you burn your finger, put ice on it immediately. If you bang
your finger with a hammer, hold your hand in the air for 20
minutes. you will be surprised by the curative powers of ice and

Do not inhale smoke.

Take a deep breath.

Do not smart off to a policeman.

Be good.

Be honest with yourself, diplomatic with others.

Do not go crazy a lot. It's a waste of time. 

Drink plenty of water. When asked what you would like to 
drink, say, "Water, please."

Take out the trash.

Love life.

Use exact change.

When there's shooting in the street, don't go near the window.
no matter how much happiness would come my way, it would never suffice what you took away from me when you left ...
i still miss you , so much so that whenever i even get a glimpse of the time with you my heart feel like its gonna explode !
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