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Quotes by VinnieLavini

'And she Lived happily ever after'
'And so will we'

- Ricky to John when Amy Leaves
I'm not who you think I am...
I'm afraid to be myself....
My thoughts to all those involved in the Bosten Bomobings today my thoughts go out to all of you and your families... Stay Safe and Iove you
You Have No Idea What I can Do If I want To...
i just ARGH I CANT BELIEVE TAYLOR SWIFT I cant believe she did that she lost half her fans dating harry and lost another half because of her pathetic british accent... just ARGH
Dad: Are you using the internet? Me: what sort of question is that!
Happy Birthday Snivilus,
You Slimey Git
Love Marauders...
P.S hope you like your present
*Walks in with Red and Gold hair*
Hermione Granger has been voted best big-screen role model...

So proud now to be a Potterhead  
The End of the World
On the internet!

20th of December: OMG we're all gonna die tommorow!
21st of December: Any second now we're gonna all blow up!
22nd of December: I never thought it would happen anyway!

soooo my quote
Niall: Harry is the youngest, but everyone thinks it's me...
Louis: The because you're cute and Harry's perverted...