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hey. i'm Chloe and i'm 14 and a freshman. i smash cake in my face on june 19th,
so i am expecting presents. i'm not very good at writing these things so bare with me^.^
uhhrrggh. umm, i am a level 9 gymnast (hopefully!!!). my favorite animals are unicorns, narwhals, and
monkeys. my witty bff is sunnyd721. she is my besss frannn<3. her link is in those tabs on the side.
<------. i am WEIRD! ok, sorry i had to get that out 0.0 my friends in real life consist of victoria,
maddie, ecem, gabe, bao, joeseph, mallory, rocsana, lacey, and many others that i don't feel like me-
ntioning. for some reason, i like to use lawl a lot(: and this: :D. it's my favorite smiley. yes, i
am definitely a band geek(: I love band and i hope i never have too quit. i play the trumpet and du-
ring marching season, i play the front ensemble or 'pit' stuff. we have so much fun!! if you can't a-
lready tell, my favorite color is blue :D. i honestly HATE the color pink. too girly:/ i do wear co-
ntacts, in case you were wondering, but they are clear. you see, i'm pretty sure that i have the wo-
rst vision on the face of the galaxy (yes, i know i exagerated just a tad bit. get used to it. i do
it a lot). i guess you could say i'm bubbly and corky, but if you make me mad, i WILL go gorilla zoe
on you(:. if you are still reading this, then you obviously have no life. i'm gonna stop boring you to
death and i have to feed my unicorn, eduardo, my narwhal, flower, and my monkey, frank so...Bur-bai!:D
P.S. i like having hacks on my profile. get to know me if you wanna hack me an i'll do it back(:(:(:(:

add me on facebook C:

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KaTi3Gx3 Hacking!♥

So, I just started talking to this chick. & she's pretty amazing. I mean, if you need help or just someone to vent too... go to her, you wont regret it. I love her quotes oh so much. Anything she does, makes me happy! Last night we talked for a good couple hours. & she changed her layout so i could hack her... Awe, how nice! Well, she's amazing, check her out. Follow & comment, you wont regret any of it! Loove you girl.♥

Hey giiirrllll. Well its Erika(softball_is_life98) hacking yaaaa and i 
love this girl sooooo much.  we are like witty best friendsss. and we got into
a fight but we made up and now
were WIFEYS for LIFEYS on
facebook. well have you
hit her follow button yet? bc
i would if i were you bc this chicky is
amazzingg. and i loooveee her.


Well this kid is pretty great! She has some of 
the best quotes on this website and well,
if you don't like them then there is something seriously wrong with you. This kid is one of the nicest people on here and not to mention absolutely beautiful! I just started talking to her recently but I mean she's pretty amazing! So check her out!

byee now! ♥

you have a hacker.
Oh heey there, you have a hacker. ;D 
Haha, anyways.. i met this girl through faceboook,she's SUPER gorgeous. She's reallllyyyyyy nice! Her quotes are amazing, and i think you should follow her?<3 Anywayss, i just met her today (my birthhday!) november 23,2011. :D<33 I also  think she should be my witty bestfriend?! C: Anywayss, love you girl :D

KAYKAYY04 hackinggg(:

sSo Chloe , girrrrrl I love you. You're so funny , and an amazing girl. You have the group cracking up sometimes. You should be one of my Witty bestfriends/sisters ? That'd be AWESOME :D You're REALLY gorgeous too <3 Your quotes are FAB! Haha , and I can relate to most of them , and that's goo (: . I THINK YOU GUYS SHOULD TOTALLY FOLLOW THIS GIRL! YOU WON'T REGRET IT! Well , I don't wanna write SO much , aha , so I'm going noww , Byesss Chloeeee (: <3
 Teal_Penguinn12 Hackingg(:
HEY CHLOE! I know I don't really know you but from talking to you in chat I know that you are really funny, nice, and awesome. You're quotes are amazing and You are Gorgeous, Hun; Never forget that. (: We're Witty Sisters and I'll be there for you no matter what. I can tell we're gonna be great friends.
P.S. I Love Your Drawing Up There^ (;
Love ya, Witty sister.♥  Ps 
_Hey_Bro_ Hacking.♥
well i just met this girl, Chloe but she's hecka cool :).She's sooo fun to talk to :D I've been talking to her for like 2 hours already. bahahah(: And she's really pretty :D Hahaha oh & she's an amazing drawer ;) Her quotess are sooo good♥, you should follow her!(: (I am )
Kelseymikayla13 hacking c:
i juust met this girl. like last night. she's suuper nice. she's really pretty too:P. you guise should definitely check out her quotes and follow her c: you
won't regret it. i promise ;D. and well, yeah.
that's it (x. bye c:
- kelseey ♥

paperBoat wuz here c:<
Kay, so I've only known Chloe since last night. ButI enjoy drawing random things such as pigs and marshmallows with her. ( SShe has mad talent xD) She's pretty as heck and has the best quotes. She's fun to talk to and if you aren't following her, I suggest you do it. Now.
I'm serious. >.> 
<<< that's a lot of links, guise. o.o
-cassie ♥


iRAWRloud_saystheDINOSAURx3 hacking c;
Welll, hey there Chloe(; haha well I just wanted to say that I just met you todaayy, and yerrr sooooo niceee! We should be bestfriendsss ;D haha, "lets slap it together on three! one... two... three... -SLAP- SLAP! *SLAPPPPPP*" haha, yerr soooo funnnyy. && Did i metion that yer gorgeous!? noo?? WELL GUESS WHATT! YER G.O.R.G.E.O.U.S I mean that too <3 haha, one day. I think we should meet c: it'd be awesomeeee!  ohmygosshhh,  Witttyyyysisterrsss ferreverrrr! I LOVE YOU WITTYSISTER! 
-Loveeeeee, Lydia (:

Basketballgurrl1723 hacking this gallll
okay. ive known her since last night (November 25l, 2011). from this witty facebook thingy. i havent known her long, but i do know that she is sexier than my pet pillow Corneillius.. i mean pillow pet. she's jelly that i eat crackers all the timeeeeee. sh's like grape jelly. she's that jelly of my crackers. corneillius is allergic to people this sexy. okay... psh... i dont have much to say... okay.. just follow her and stuff.....
-Lin Liiiiiiiiiiiiii♥♥♥♥♥♥

okay this girl is straight up awesome!! I love her! her quotes are sexy & she's funny as heck!! I love this girl and i think you should all make sure her follow button is working... i think it's broken! I know chloe from facebook in the most amazing group ever! we talk all the time and i think u guys should friend her on facebook! she's awesome.
lylaws (love ya like a witty sister)
btw come visit me :)

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to actually do something and then the person you show it to is like, "ya that's cool. whatever"

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Remember when
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People are like treasures...
sometimes, you really want to bury them C:


I swear my pillow could be a hairstylist...
I always wake up with the weirdest hairstyles


And I wonder
How Taylor Laughtner feels about Rebecca Black c:

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