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"It's gonna be LEGEN....wait for it....DARY!"

Justine. 17. Theatre Geek. Band Nerd. Queen of Awesome. I like Netflix, Food, Tumblr, Photography, and the Internet.


Quotes by VioletSunshine

Haven't been on Witty in 2 years,

It's so weird how time flies. 

My fellow lovely Wittians....
I'm deciding that it's time for me to leave Witty.
I haven't been on much and it seems as though when I sign back in after a while, I'm not really missed. 
For those of you who I've made friends with, I'm so glad we could be friends, and we still can :)
It's time for me to move on.
I guess sometimes I'll check it, maybe every month, 2 months or so for notifications but that's really it.

If any of my really good friends on here would like to keep contact, I would absolutely love too <3333 
Comment on my profile if you want to stay in touch and I'll give you my, tumblr, twitter, pinterest, or pheed :)
I'll check for them next week, on April 19th.
You have until then to comment on my profile if you wanna stay in touch, which I would really love because I love you guys xxx

Thank You,

VioletSunshine <3333333 xx
That Awkward Waddle You Do...

When You're Trying To Get Out Of Your Row In The Movie Theater During The Movie.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
There’s no one on earth as beautiful as you.
Carnations are pink
Hydrangeas are green
You’re the greatest girl I’ve ever seen.
Daffodils are yellow
Poinsettias are white
Won’t you be my girl this lovely night?