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Quotes by ViolinBoy

I forgot to enable anons on my blog!
Feel free to give me an earful now :)
I wrote abut my experiment here on Witty. My blog is I'm having formatting issues so if it looks weird,that's why. Comment if you want. Your friendly neighbourhood sociopath, Drew/Connor
Because of insuficient data I've decided I wont be writing my post.
This is goodbye witty
Untill part 3, k?
Silence is the loudest scream
I always hear people say 'the internet didn't teach you more than school, school taught you how to read'
I agreed untill I realized
I was homeschooled before I went to 1/2 of Pre-K
I knew how to read before I got to school
What did school teach me????
I had a nightmare about not finishing a project this is what school has done to me
True Fact
When you close your eyes everyone in the world turns into cats
And the tears come streaming down your face when you lose something you can't replace, when you love someone but Taco Bell closes at 11pm
Imagine a day when we forgot how to fall